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Jackson/REEse Bible
Bible dated 1841

attached as Text file
Sloan Mason

James JACKSON Bible-Ohio and Missouri
Abstracted by Sloan S.
(Surnames Capitalized)

James JACKSON-His Book

The Cottage Bible
And Family Expositer
Old and New Testaments
Polyglott Bible

Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany and Burnham

(Page 1)
Missouri (written at top of page)


Truman JACKSON and Julie INGERSOLL was married February the 18th 1891.
Otto JACKSON and Nellie UMPHREY was married November the 10, 1890.
David L. JACKSON and Minerva OILER, April 2, 1882.
Martha JACKSON and George KEARNS, March the 10, 1870.
James JACKSON and Amelia JACKSON married March 4th 1819?
Hiram COALBIE and Margaret JACKSON May 11, 1817.
William JACKSON and Catherine REESE, March 26, 1846/66?

(Page 2)
State of Ohio


Margaret Jane JACKSON was born February the 1, A.D. 1820.
Maria JACKSON was born January the 22, 1822.
William JACKSON was born October the 15, 1823.
Catherine JACKSON born August 1st? 1829.

James JACKSON was born Jan. 21, 1793 in the State of Pennsylvania.
Warde JACKSON son of Otto and Nellie JACKSON was born October the 6, 1891.
James COLBY Nov. 3rd 1838.

(Page 3)
State of Missouri


Mary Elizabeth JACKSON Nov. 9th 1849.
Martha JACKSON born Aug. 20, 1850.
James A. JACKSON born Nov. 15th, 1852.
Samuel JACKSON born April 1st 1855.
William JACKSON born July 24, 1857.
David L.? JACKSON born Nov. 19th 1860.
Truman JACKSON born Nov. 4th 1863.

Otto JACKSON, 15th October 1869.

(Page 4)


Margaret Jane JACKSON departed this life March the 24, 1840; age 20 years
one month and 24 days.
Maria JACKSON departed this life September the 12, 1842; aged 20 years seven
months and twenty one days.
James COALBY died Oct. 28 1839.
Mary Elizabeth JACKSON July 25, 1859 aged 9 months 15 days.
James JACKSON departed this life February the 19th 1875 in the 78 year of
his age.
William JACKSON departed this life December the 5th 1885 in the 28 year of
his age.
William JACKSON departed this life March 23rd 1895 in the 72nd year of his
Catherine JACKSON died April 23, 1889/1890? In the 68 year of his age at -
KEARNS house in ------hopa.

(Page 5)


Samuel JACKSON died Oct. 25th 1900 aged 45 years and 25 days.
In Livingston Mont.?

(Page 6)

Samuel JACKSON died Oct. 25th 1900.

(Newspaper Obit. Pasted in Bible record)

REESE-Saturday, January 18th, 1892, at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
J.F.PATTERSON in Fort Dodge in the 77th year of his age. Jeremiah REESE of
The deceased was born June 15, 1815 in Harrisburg, County, Penn; moved to
Ohio while a young man, and was married to Miss Catherine E. DWEESE, March
4th 1840; was made a Mason in Piqua Lodge, No. 24, in the year 1854; moved
to Boone County, Iowa where he resided until 1876; when he became a resident
of Calhoun County where he lived until his last sickness. Early in life he
joined the M.E. Church, and was a strong believer in the Christian faith.
His life was beset with many hardships incident to pioneer life, but he bore
them all with a patience and fortitude that was the wonder and admiration of
all who knew him.
At the time of his death he had been a member of the Masonic order for
nearly forty years, and of late had taken a special delight in visiting the
lodge, where he always received a hearty welcome from the brethren.
Nine children blessed his married life, seven whom survive him, Mrs. E.
WILSON and B..S. REESE of Manson, being of the number.
The body was brought to Manson, Tuesday morning, and met at the depot by a
delegation from "Morning Light Lodge." A.F. and A.M.
The funeral was held under the auspices of the above lodge at 11 o'clock, at
the M.E. Church where Rev. PITTINGER preached the funeral sermon. His
remains were inferred in Rose Hill Cemetery, with Masonic honors. Peace to
his ashes. "Manson Journal"

(Page 7)
(This appears to be a copy of another Bible record mailed with a letter-
date unknown)
was about 15 inches
23 below zero . The record & births?

I have is as follows:

Samuel REESE Jany. 9, 1780 Sept. 17, 1847.
Elizabeth REESE April 12, 1796 Jan. 1st,
Jerimiah Jan. 11, 1815
Mary J. Jan.20, 1817 June 6,
Isabbella Oct. 11, 1819
Richard Jan. 11, 1821.
James Dec. 27, 1823 March
Samuel Dec. 17, 1825 Oct. 21,
Katherine Aug. 1, 1829
David April 27, 1832
Harriett Dec. 6, 1835
George Oct. 10, 1837 May 20, 190?

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