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Subject: HEISLER / NEIDHARDT Obits & Poem - Williams Co., OH
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>From The Edgerton Earth, Nov. 1, 1918, page 4
Life of Mrs. W. F. Heisler
Mrs. W. F. HEISLER was born near Melbern, Ohio, September 18, 1852. At an
early age she was baptized in the Lutheran faith and after receiving
catechetical instruction was confirmed and continued a faithful follower of
the Cross of Christ. Among the members of the church and her large circle
of friends she was always known as a pious and faithful christian. Her loss
will therefore be felt the more, for in her case the proverb can
appropriately be quoted; with her interment a blessing has been taken away
from the church to which she belonged as well as from the community in
which lived not to mention the loss of a pious mother to the family. The
passed away Friday, Oct. 18, 1918, at the age of 66 years and 1 month.
Her life and death must always remain a constant inspiration to those who
had the privilege of being near when the end drew nigh. "The blood of Jesus
Christ the Son of God cleanseth us from all sin" was her hope of salvation
up to the very last. In His name she lived and in His name also she died,
as the poet so aptly puts it:
"Be thou my consolation, And shield when I must die;
Remind me of Thy passion, When my last hour draws nigh.
My eyes shall then behold Thee, Upon Thy cross shall dwell,
My heart by faith enfold Thee, Who dieth thus, dies well."
She has departed into the Glorious Life Everlasting. And as for us who
remain to mourn her loss here below we shall say: So help us Christ our
Hope in loss, Thou hast redeemed us by Thy cross, From endless death and
misery, We praise, we bless, we worship Thee.
WE wish to thank our relatives and friends for their sympathy and
friendliness extended to us in our recent bereavement. Especially do we
wish to express our gratitude to the young men who sang in quartette such
beautiful hymns, a solace in our sorrow. - W. F. HEISLER and Family

>From The Edgerton Earth, Dec. 17, 1920
Life of William F. Heisler
William F. HEISLER was born March 19, 1850 in Milford township, Defiance
county, Ohio. He was baptized and confirmed in Zion Lutheran church, of
which he was always a faithful and active member. In 1872 he was united in
marriage with Caroline NEIDHARDT, at Defiance, O., the ceremony being
performed by Rev. Adam DETZER. To this union were born five children, three
sons and two daughters.
Mr. HEISLER spent almost his entire life on his farm, but in 1907 he and
his wife moved to Edgerton. Two years ago last October his lifelong
companion was laid to her rest. Our departed brother enjoyed good health
with the exception of about the last seven years, when he was ailing.
During the last year he was more or less confined to his home, and although
he did not suffer much pain he gradually grew weaker and weaker until on
Saturday morning at 2:20, his soul returned to its Maker.
He was a man of few words, but meant what he said. In his illness, during
which he was very patient, he was faithfully cared for by his relatives.
His death occured at the house of his daughter, Mrs. George LEHMAN in
Edgerton. The deceased, who was aged 70 years, 7 months and 22 days, is
survived by the following relatives; three sons, Carl, Edward, and Louis;
two daughters, Mrs. George LEHMAN and Mrs. Wm. BUDA, all of this community;
three brothers, George of Manchester, Mich; John and Fred of this
neighborhood; three sisters, Mrs. Louise YACKEE of Roberts, Ill., Mrs.
Elizabeth HIEBER of Chicago, and Mrs. Mary MILLER of Edgerton; seven
grandchildren, one having preceded her grandfather to eternity. Besides
these immediate relatives he leaves many sorrowful friends. Funeral
services were held at Zion Lutheran church. Interment at the Edgerton cemetery.

>From unknown 1956 Williams County newspaper
Carl Frederick HEISLER, 81, of 503 East Bryan St., died Friday afternoon in
the Twin Pines Rest Home, at Pioneer, where he had been two weeks. He had
been in failing health approximately three years, suffering a series of
strokes, the last one five days ago. Mr. HEISLER was a retired metal worker
for the Ohio Art Company and had been a resident of Bryan for 22 years. He
was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church.
Surviving are his wife, Maggie; a son, Raymond HEISLER, Bryan; a daughter,
Mrs. Lulu MILLER, Edgerton; five grandchildren; a stepson, Leland DEKAU,
Belding, Mich; a stepdaughter, Miss Dorothy DEKAU, Bryan, and a brother,
Edward HEISLER, Fort Wayne.
Services will be conducted at 2:30 pm. Monday in the Greenisen Funeral
Home, with the Rev. Walter PRIEBE, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church
officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, Edgerton. Friends may
call at the funeral home after seven o'clock Saturday evening.

(From unknown Williams county newspaper)
Read by Anna NEIDHARDT at the Neidhardt reunion.
This is the day we all hold dear,
A happy spot in all the year,
When we can drive our cares away,
For this is our reunion day,
When we can meet with those loved best,
>From north or south or east or west.
'Tis not with those of wealth or fame,
But those who bore the NEIDHARDT name,
We meet today with one accord,
Out hearts with one desire are stirred,
To grasp the hand of those most near,
And welcome friends who meet us here.
A year has passed since last we met,
Its memory lingers with us yet,
The friends we yearly love to see,
Are the members of our family.
Aunt Laney here we'd surely miss,
If we should meet on a day like this,
Her face we always love to see,
For she is one of the family tree.
But Grandma NEIDHARDT here we meet,
Her family she loves to greet,
Her form is weak, her footstep slow,
But she loves to meet us here we know.
Of children living she has eight,
Her son, Carl, passed away,
Before he reached his manhood days,
With us he could not stay.
Aunt Caroline HEISLER, quiet and still,
Along in company with uncle Bill,
Of children they have raised but five,
And up to date are all alive.
They are all married, from home are gone,
Are living now in homes of their own,
While five grandchildren often come,
To visit them in their home.
Dan NEIDHARDT next with Lizzie, his wife,
Have partners been a good share of their life,
Their living children number eleven,
While two have passed away to heaven.
Three are married and gone away-
Eva and Lula and Nellie A.
They have eight living yet at home,
And three grandchildren often come.
There's Aunt Art MILLER and husband Fred,
For many years they have been wed,
Three children came to bless their home,
And four grandchildren, too, have come.
Aunt Sophia HEISLER and Uncle Fred,
Have three children living and three dead,
But of grandchildren they have three,
To clamber up on grandpa's knee.
A pair of twins come next to view,
They are Aunt Maggie and Aunt Lou,
And the love that is above all other,
Is the love of one twin for the other.
Aunt Maggie's name is FISHER now,
While Mrs. WILLARD is Aunt Lou.
Aunt Maggie had of children three,
That used to prattle 'round her knee,
Maud and Florence with her stay,
But little Mona passed away,
Her husband, George, is with her yet-
We mention him "e're we forget."
Wm. WILLARD and Aunt Lou,
Many a summer have passed through,
They had three children, fair of face,
Frank and Owen and daughter Grace,
But like the flowers on a summers day,
They faded, sickened and passed away.
And now since all of them are gone,
They are living all alone.
Uncle Martin and Lizzie, his wife,
Are walking together the highway of life,
Olen, Margueret and Earl have they,
None of their children have passed away.
Our Aunt Cora and Uncle Art,
On the journey of life did start,
Gladys, Mabel and Arthur stay,
To cheer their parents on the way.
There are many other friends we meet,
Besides our relatives we greet,
We love to have them with us here,
"Tis pleasant to (see) them once a year,
We love to grasp them by the hand,
We know someday we'll understand,
As we pass on to other scenes,
Just what the word "reunion" means.
Many now in reunion here,
May pass away by another year,
May meet with friends on another shore,
That passed away long years before.
Sickness and sorrow too may come,
And visit some of us in our home,
While some the joys of life may share,
And have fruits of peace both rich and rare.
We know that in some future day,
When from this life we've passed away,
A grand reunion there will be,
With friends we often wish to see,
Fathers and mothers and children dear,
Who have not met for many a year,
In grand reunion there will meet,
And enjoy the pleasures of friendship sweet.
The time is surely drawing near,
When we must part with those most dear,
And seek the quiet of our home,
Where strife and discord ne'er shall come,
Although there is no cause of fear,
But what we'll meet another year,
We can not tell what time will bring,
As it passes on fleeting wing,
Then let us live, so at the last,
There will be no tears or regrets for the past,
No pangs of sorrow, no heartaches or tears,
But a starry crown for the future years,
Then, when our weary life is past,
Like a flower we droop and die,
May our future ever prove to be,
A reunion, bye and bye.

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