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From: "Linda D" <>
Subject: Pioneer Marriages in Allen County 1853 end
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 06:55:44 -0400

Taken from Lima Democratic News

Oct 1853

By M.Hard, Richard THOMAS to Hannah JONES

By John Tussing, William BARGS to Nancy LIPPENCOTT
By same, Samuel McSWISHER to Elizabeth SIFERD

By Jonas Seitz JP, Joseph LEHMAN to Mary STEMEN

By John Hall, Christian BARSCHNIDER to Frederike HAUBER

By Rev. Thomas Elcock, Thomas TOLAND to Hattie SKINNER

By Rev. Michael Martz, George FREET to Elizabeth BRANDERMAN

By William Yocam JP, John WHITE to Sarah RUMBAUGH

By Rev. Benjamin Stroub, John YANT to Nancy DOWNING

By Benjamin Byerly, John MILLER to Elizabeth MILLER

By Samuel Rockhill JP, Elias EVERETT to Marilla TRUMBO

By Thomas Griffith, Isaac McHENRY to Rebecca SCOTT

By John Amstutz JP, Daniel FETT to Gottlieb MECKLEY

By J.L.DeLeal, Thomas GANDER to Elinor WILKERSON

Nov 1853

By J. B. Roberts JP, Uriah SHRINER to Nancy WITHEROW

By Rev. A.R.Krebs, Daniel HADSELL to Catharina ALDRIDGE

By Christian Suter JP, Jonas AMSTUTZ to Barbary NEUSHEVANDER

By R.M.Badeau, Vance ROBB to Sarah ALFRED

By John Tussing, Amon LIPPENCOTT to Miram BUDD

By J.O.Brederick, Rufus STELZER to Theresia BIHLER

By Samuel Rockhill JP, Robert MEEK to Eve FRUT

By John Snodgrass, Robert CLARK to Lucinda BLACKBURN

By Jonas Seitz JP, William CLARK to Jane DAVIS

Dec 1853

By William Yocam JP, John LEHMAN to Deborah WHITE
By same, William McCLURE to Jane McHAFFERTY

By M.K.Hard, William ANDERSON to Ruth WATT

By (Blank), Levi WEORNER to Josepha WUSHER

By Jacob Hall JP, Joseph KELLOGG to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG

By Thomas Delzell JP, Henry CHRISTOPHER to Ann SCOTT

By R.M.Badeau, Samuel HIBBETS to Harriet BAILEY
By same, M. McCULLOUGH to Sarah McKIBBEN

By Thomas Davis JP, Uriah RUPPERT to Mariah STOFFER

By Harrison Maltbie, Joseph RILEY to Amanda BERRYHILL

By Thomas Babcope, Bazell NEELY to Mary SHOBE

By Phillip Hering JP, Ephrim McMILLEN to Rebecca LEHMAN
By same, Michael CHITTICK to Mary BRICK

By Michael Martz, George MURRAY to Anna TEEGARDEN

By William Yocam JP, Jonas LEHMAN to Susannah WHITE

By Joseph Murphy JP, John SUATER to Christine MENKER

By John Amstutz JP, David BUNDY to Eliza MADISON

By John Dinkleman, Charles WILLIAMS to Margaret LANE

By William Moorman JP, John McMULLEN to Mary CARR

By E.D.Richardson, David SHADE to Mary HEFNER

By Isaac Hardesty JP, Samuel DIEHLER to Susannah ROYER

Oct 24,1999
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