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I would have seen the obit eventually, but thank you for your notice on Charles Lantzy passing.

Charles celebrated his 103rd year of life on January 21, 1902. I never personally met him, but spent a good portion of the 1990s in communication with him. He leant me several of his index files, his copy of the Weakland (1730-1974) Baker (1834-1974) genealogy published by Edwin Baker, and gave me copies of the following books he published.

Genealogy Charts covering some of the families descended from Joseph and Mary Ursula (Bitter) Lantzy, John and Susan (Cunningham) Weakland and some miscellaneous families, 15 JUL 1988, updated SEP 1989

Genealogy on the family of Bernard A. and Martha M. (Angert) Lantzy, their descendants and ancestors, 8 JAN 1991

Genealogy Charts, by Charles Lantzy, in the 92nd year of his life, 20 MAY 1994

Genealogy on the first known ancestor, Lenzi, 1638-1713, down to present generation Bernard A. Lantzy, 1878-1962, by his son, Charles A. Lantzy, in his 93rd year, 30 MAR 1995

Genealogy on the first 54 years of life, by Charles Lantzy, in the 94th year of his life, 17 AUG 1996

Genealogy on the Battle of Antietam, MD and the Battle of Gettysburg, PA, 21 APR 1997

Genealogy of the Weakland Ancestors who came to America on the ships calls Ark and the Dove, Landing on the Eastern Shores of Maryland on the 25th day of March 1634, 18 MAR 1998

The Lenzi-Lantzy Genealogy, 12 AUG 1998

The Finale Genealogy Charts, #274-#292, 7 OCT 1998

Angert-Ritzert plus related families, 5 JUL 1999

What awed me was that almost all his research was done manually (I love my computer), and he had information on so many of the early families of Cambria county. Like Marilyn, Charles would occasionally write and ask me to do some (what I considered) minor research for him, and then send me another book he had published.

Anyone who has ever used an obit, newspaper article or cemetery listing I've posted should give thanks to Charles, as he was a major influence in the way I research and share information with other individuals. While I'm at it, I'd also like to use this time to give thanks to Joan Yeckley (who is married to one of my dad's Krug cousins), and Ida Krug (another one of my dad's cousins). All three of these individuals were very kind and helpful to a one-time genealogy novice.

Lisa Baker
Columbus, OH

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Dear Sir,
I read in your obituary column that Charles Lantzy has died. The obituary did not mention the one reason most of us knew him.
You may be unaware of it, but Charles Lantzy was a moderately famous family historian. Charles researched the Lantzy family and wrote at least three books on the subject, that I am aware of. I think you should feature him in one of your extended obits.
I worked with him only as he progressed into his nineties, doing some minor primary research at local churches. The person you should contact locally is Joan Weakland Yeckley, 683 Old Dutch Road, Carrolltown, 814-334-8332.
She is my cousin, and you kindly featured us in a Neighbors Story about Genealogy Research. Joan worked closely with Charles, and knows much more about him. At age 93 Charles would still drive here to Cambria County from Mechanicsburg, to do research and attend the Lantzy Family Reunion.
He traced the Lantzy family back to Switzerland, and published Civil War Letters from Philip Lantzy, a relative who died at Antietam.
Marilyn Kline Washington

PS Could some others of you on the site send the Tribune some other information about Charles, and the exact names of his books?

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