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Subject: Re: [POPE] Thomas or William?
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 16:22:33 EDT

Regarding question belowto POPE-L from
dated July 4, 2003:

> Alrighty, quick query. I've seen TWO different answers to whom the
> father of John Pope (married to Elizabeth Powell, 1600s; father of
> Sarah Pope, who married Edward Barnes) was. One was William
> Pope, whom I believe was from the UK. The other was a Thomas
> Pope. Does anyone have any definitive proof which it actually was?
> I know how spotty these things can be, but I'm just a bit curious as
> to the answer...
Wills and Administrations of Southampton Co, VA, p. 44
Wills & Administrations of Isle of Wight Co, VA, p.162 (Book 6,p.3)

Will, Southampton Co, VA
John Pope, 14 Jul 1751.
Legacy: son John; son William; dau. Elizabeth; dau Mary Darden;
grandson John son of William Pope; dau Else Mosley, grandson
Henry Darden, dau Sarah Barnes.
Exec: son William Pope Wit: Howell Edmunds, Isaac Johnson,
Nathan Pope
(Assume Henry Darden is son of Mary and husband ______ Darden.

Wills & Administrations of Isle of Wight Co, VA, p.162 (Book 6,p.3)
Will-William Powell. Legacy: wife Elizabeth; son John; son Nathaniel;
son Jacob; son William; son Thomas land on Barsarrow Swamp;
daug. Elizabeth, wife of John Poopes (?). Wit: Thomas Powell,
Thomas Gale, Richard Hutchins. Recorded 11 Dec 1695.

Isle of Wight Co, VA, Deeds, Wills-Great Book 1715-1726, p. 32
Deed-Thomas Bullock, Blacksmith....to John Baldwin...(being land
granted William Powell on Nov 1679 who willed it on 11 Dec 1695
to his daughter, Elizabeth Pope the wife of John Pope, and they and
their son, John Pope, sold it to said Thomas Bullock on 22 Dec 1729).

Wills and Administrations of Southampton Co, VA, p. 44
Will, Southampton Co, VA, (Elizabeth was sister of Sarah POPE)
Elizabeth Pope of Nottingway Parish, probated 11 Aug 1757.
Legacy: Cousin Rebecca Gatling, Cousin Benjamin Pope, Elizabeth,
dau of Edward Barnes in NC, Andrew McNail, cousin Henry Darden,
cousin John Pope, son of William Pope.
Exec: Brother William Pope Wit: Ann Faircloth, George Gurley, Jr.

Additional information that may provide a lead to documented
Research -- Ancestors of Andrew Hardy (These Are The Hardy’s)

25. Sarah* Pope, born in ,Southhampton, Va. She was the daughter of
50. John* Pope and 51. Elizabeth* Powell.

Notes for Edward* Barnes:
Edward Barnes of Isle of Wight Co. 28 April 1711- 131 acres on the
Eastward side of Chowan River. Beginning at a pine standing on
the edge of the River Pequeson...Patent 10 pg 29
Elward Barnes of Isle of Wight county 15 Dec 1747 - 415 acres on
the n. side of the Meherrin River. Beginning and comm. on the
corner of said Barnes other land by the side of the Great Branch.
Patent 29, pg 63.
inventory of the estate Feb 1762.
source : Sandra Cook.

Edward Barnes will Dec 15, 1760. Probated March Court 1762/
Wife and executrix, Sarah, all residue of estate, during her widowhood.
Sons, Nathan, William, Jacob and Abraham, daughters, Mourning
Fiveash, Charity Sims, Mary Sims, Elizabeth Leigh, Sarah Amason,
Patience Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, 1,000 acre plantation on Chowan
River whereon she lives, revision to grandson, Jacob Barnes.
Granddaughters, Barbery Wiggins, Freeeby Wiggins, grandson,
Michael Barnes, tract of land lying on Chawan River, joining plantation
his mother lives on called Myery Mash. Wit: James Barfield, Eliza
Barfield, and Thomas Edmundson.
Most researchers list Mourning and Fiveash as 2 daughters. I think that
Mourning was married to Fiveash as there were Fiveash people in the
area. I would like to see an exact transcript of the will. If this extraction

is correct, he lists married daughters first and then unmarried daughters.
additional ref. to my above research:
<http://myweb.www.con/NorthCarolinaBarnes/family trees.htm> Rita Korbach

Research of Beverly Daly, Fresno, CA
Children of Edward* Barnes and Sarah* Pope are:
    12    i.    Nathan* Barnes, born Abt. 1708 in ,Edgecombe, NC;
died April 1777 in will prob., Edgecombe, N.C.; married
        ii.    William Barnes, born Abt. 1710.
        iii.    Jacob Barnes, born Abt. 1712 in ,Edgecombe, NC;
died January 1764 in White Oak Swamp; married Julian
        iv.    Abraham Barnes, born Abt. 1714; married Martha Fort.
        v.    Mourning Barnes, born Abt. 1716; married Unknown Fiveash.
        vi.    Charity Barnes, born Abt. 1718; married James Simms.
        vii.    Mary Barnes, born Abt. 1720; married Robert Simms.
        viii.    Elizabeth Barnes, born Abt. 1722; married Unknown Leigh.

Notes for Elizabeth Barnes:
m 2. Unknown Leigh

        ix.    Sarah Barnes, born Abt. 1724; married William Amason.
        x.    Patience Barnes.
        xi.    Joseph Barnes, born Abt. 1706 in ,Edgecombe, NC;
died 1751 in ,Northhampton, NC; married Elizabeth Whitley.
        xii.    Unknown Barnes, married Unknown Wiggens.

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