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From: Michael Allison <>
Subject: Re: [POSEY-L] Posey / Poschet
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 08:55:33 -0500
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The most important thing I would suggest considering right now is that in addition
to the fact there isn't a single known (to us at this time) source document naming
the parents of Francis Posey or his place of birth, is the fact that there is solid
evidence that ancient noble POSCHET history and pedigree is based on an act of
intentional FRAUD. In other words, even if Francis Posey "was" a Poschet, the
lineage going back to the Baron Raazem is a joke -- it is fabricated. There was no
such ancient lineage until the mid 1700's when it was "established" by forged
documents presented to the French Governement in attempt to make that family into
nobles and. The French government later caught on and realized that the documents
were fakes and that there was no such lineage and certainly no such NOBLE lineage.
There are published statements from high-ranking French officials naming that
pedigree as a fake!

The sad part of it all is that irresponsible people wanting a grand story without
regard for the facts, have published and re-published this mess over and over again.
It took on a life of it's own for people who collect genealogical information
without ever doing the first ounce of research and who never ask questions...such as
"Why is this said to be true -- what are the sources?"

Genealogically speaking, there is no ancient POSEY history to report past FRANCIS
POSEY of Maryland. That's my two cents worth...for what it's worth. For me, the
POSCHET family is utterly irrelevant at this point since there isn't a shred of
credible genealogical evidence found in an original source document linking the
POSEY family to the POSCHET family.
Michael Allison


> The POSEY / POSCHET question comes up at a good time because I'm close to
> getting a web page posted and want to run my narrative by the group to see if
> anyone has any suggestions, corrections, etc.
> Gretchen Kohl [Alameda,CA] -
> The information as I currently have it written:
> I first came up with the POSEY surname from my grandmother and her sister who
> remembered it as the name of their gggrandmother Phebe who married Benjamin
> HOLLINGSWORTH. I’ve since found other sources that confirm their memories
> and have Phebe as the daughter of Francis POSEY and his wife Milley or
> Mildred FARR. Â
> As far as the ancestors of Francis POSEY, there is great debate. In
> reviewing the assorted material that others have published, it appears that
> there are three distinctive “groups” of POSEYs that can be documented but
> the links between the three groups are not proven. There is a group in
> France and maybe England, a group in Maryland from England, and a group in
> South Carolina that might be from England.Â
> First there are the POSCHETs from Voyeau or Voyan near Cambrai, France. So
> far, I have been unable to locate a village by the name of Voyeau or Voyan
> and expect that it either no longer exists on modern maps or is the English
> misspelling of a French name. I was able to locate Cambrai in the Flanders
> area near Belgium – which is where I expected it to be due to the related
> surnames. Apparently Cambrai was established in 1508, thus is also correct
> for the era in question. . I found names in the LDS Ancestral File as
> follows:
> Joseph POSCHET b abt 1500 m Jeanne M DeLALAING
> Matthieu POSCHET b abt 1530 m Aly DePALAYNDRE
> Giles POSCHET b abt 1560 m Jeanne DeGHOZEE
> Martyn POSCHET b abt 1585 m Anne DeCOLNET
> Francis POSCHET b 1615 m Elizabeth HUMPHRIESÂ
> The line as submitted to the LDS has been published in book form but when the
> authors’ source material is actually researched it either cannot be found or
> cannot be verified. Some accept it and re-publish as fact. I, and others,
> choose to report it and note the lack of proof so future readers can make
> their own choice about use of the material.Â
> Another researcher begins the family with Estache Joseph POSCHET who was
> married about 1420 to Mathilde de FOELEIMBURG. They had a son Phillippe and
> another Phillipe comes along one or two generations later as Phillippe
> Octrave Emmanuel POSCHET, Viscount de Raazen who became a colonel in the
> French infantry. He married Elanor de MONTICUOULLI and their two sons were
> Francois and Marteyn or Francis and Martin in English.Â
> Supposedly Francois and Marteyn became Huguenots and had to move to England
> to escape French persecution. The POSCHET family is reported to appear in
> the records of the London’s Huguenot Threadneedle Street Church. Marteyn or
> Martin married [1] Susanne DESMARETS COSEYN in 1636 and [2] Julienne BOUCLE.
> He remained in England.Â
> A Francis POSEY emigrated to Virginia in June of 1637. He lived in St.
> Mary’s County, Maryland and represented St. Clements County or District in
> the Maryland House of Burgesses from 1640-1650. His home was built in 1650
> and was still occupied in 1946. He is supposed to be the Francois POSCHET
> above who became Francis POSEY.However when a researcher specifically tried
> to find the American immigrant, Francis POSEY, in the London church records,
> he could not be located even with trying Pose, Possee, Possez, Posset, Poze,
> Pouchet, and Posse as spellings.
> Â
> So, we seem to have a “lost connection” between the POSCHET family in France
> and England and Francis POSEY the immigrant to America. Another ongoing
> discussion is whether or not the Old French POSCHET would have been
> pronounced POSEY in the Old English of the time. The linguists have a lot of
> fun with the discussion but, of course, there is no agreed upon conclusion. Â
> The Ancestral File goes on to connect the French family to a Francis POSEY
> born about 1650 in England who was in South Carolina for the birth of his
> son, Francis, in Edgefield Co. in 1700. This line apparently leads down to
> the gggrandmother remembered by my grandmother.
> Francis POSEY* b abt 1650; Benjamin POSEY b abt 1652; John POSEY b abt 1654
> Francis POSEY b abt 1700 m Nellie ? b abt 1704
> Francis POSEY b abt 1750 m Milley [Mildred] FARR, b abt 1750.Â
> Their children were:Â
> Absolum b abt 1767; Benjamin b abt 1779; Farr b abt 1781; Phebe* b abt 1769 m
> Benjamin HOLLINGSWORTH; Nancy b abt 1771 m ? SMITH; Sally b abt 1773 m ?
> Martin; Grigey m ? SHERIFF; Suckey b abt 1777; Mary; Martha b abt 1785.Â
> I’m even suspicious of this data because the Ancestral File has the death
> dates of both the Francis of 1700 and the Francis of 1750 as before 1888.
> This leads me to suspect a will is on file somewhere and that people have
> been attributing the will and the date to both men [assuming there really are
> 2 men – since the wives names of Nellie and Milley are also awfully close].Â
> Another researcher has found a Francis POSEY with an 1785 South Carolina Land
> Grant map and associates this land with the Francis who died in 1787 – but
> which one? Â
> Reference [cited by others in messages but not in my possession]:
> [1] SUPPLEMENT (1962) to The Emison Families Revised (1954) by James Wade
> Emison, p 209
> Â
> [2] Meet your Ancestors: Edward Philpott, Francis Posey,William Barton and
> William Smoot, by Noland Bolling, 1985. This book is in California’s Sutro
> Library. Mrs. Bolling was apparently 100 years old when the book was
> published and her references, if any, have been lost.

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