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Thanks I will write her today. Robert Lappin (1769-1862) married Elizabeth
Kirk(1770-1834) (daughter of Joseph Kirk and Judith Knight), a Quaker in
Nottingham Meeting House, and for some reason the Quaker's were not happy
with the marriage. Another Lappin also married a Quaker and had the same
problem. Then one of his daughters married a Quaker and they wouldn't even
give her a last name in the records. Don't know what happened.

He and his family moved to Belmont County Ohio around 1815. Elizabeth died
there and he died many years later in Morgan Co., Ohio where he was living
with a daughter, Rachel Todd. If he was in trouble, he probably owed money.
They family, at least the ones I have traced, have gone on to be upstanding
citizens and known for keeping their word and paying their debts.

We have been told conflicting stories of his past. One granddaughter of his
said that he was born at sea and sang German songs with an Irish brogue. One
note says his mother was a McMullen from Ireland. Another says that his
father was Paul Lappin who was in the Revolutionary War - although I think
barely as not much about him. If his father was Paul, then he couldn't have
been born at sea. Another said he went to Ohio first and family came later
and when they arrived he was covered with hair and living in a hut as it was
such a wilderness. There were quite a lot of people in Ohio at that time, so
don't know if this could be true either. Believe he was a brother of Samuel
Lappin who went to Tuscarawas County as they all used the same names back and
forth, but can't pin that down either.

Only thing we are pretty sure of is that Lappin came from France and were
Huguenots who fled to Ireland. There are lots of Lappins in Ireland. It
means rabbit in French and one who has big feet in Russian. The ones in
Russia were Jews. The family has always been Methodist or First Christian as
far as we can find, except for the children who married into the Quaker faith.

Just a little more information on this family. Children were Ruth
(Wadsworth), Mary (Ogden Gray), Alice (Daniel Montgomery), Ann (John
Starbuck), Knight (Martha Morris), Robinson (Phoebe Starkey), Rachel (William
Todd), Judith (Joseph Fisher) and Samuel (Eliza Patton).

Ruth Wadsworth - have no idea where she went, although may have later married
a Kirby
Mary Gray- went to northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin - can't find yet
Alice Montgomery-went to Wayne Co., and have some on this family
Ann Starbuck - stayed in Belmont Co., Ohio and have some early information on
family but not much
Knight - went to Illinois. Have quite a bit on family. His descendants
became well-known preachers.
Robinson - my line, have a lot on it. Have a few holes, but pretty complete
Rachel Todd - Choquill family traced this line very well several years ago
Judith Fisher - last known in 1850 in Vinton County, Ohio
Samuel - went to Iowa and have no connections with any descendants.

Thanks again, Jerilyn

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