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Subject: RAGAN/REAGAN-Two Brothers Story
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 16:53:22 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Rooters!

This morning something came to me that I thought I should pass on to the

When I was a kid I heard a story about "Our Ancestors". I know I've
mentioned this before, but since there are quite a few new RAGAN/REAGAN/REGAN
(... etc.) cousins on board I thought I should bring it up again.

The story goes like this:

Once upon a time (starts out nice huh?) there were two RAGAN (insert your own
variation here) brothers that came to the United States from Ireland. They
arrived somewhere in the East and one eventually moved to the West (or North)
and the other moved to the South.

I heard that story from my father (who is a member of our discussion group by
the way) and I believe I heard my grandfather tell it also. In my research
of our family over the past couple years I've also heard a similar from
several different researchers. One was a lady named Linda GREEN who wrote a
book titled "The Town Crier: The Descendants of Timothy & Elizabeth

The story is also mentioned in the book "The Book of RAGAN/REAGAN" by Donald
B. REAGAN (who is a member of our discussion group). Quoting from Donald's
So, it seems our family, O'Raigan, came to America for political and
religious freedom. Family traditions state that there were five brothers of
one O'Raigan family in Ireland who planned to migrate to America after the
defeat to Cromwell's army. But only two managed to reach to America. One
settled in Maryland/Pennsylvania area and the other settled in Virginia/North
Carolina area. It is also stated that both families in Maryland/Pennsylvania
and Virginia/North Carolina dropped the "O" after its arrival here.

I have another book, this one titled "A Quaker Headmaster. The Life and
Times of Chester L. REAGAN" by John H. Hobart. In it I found the following:
We do know that two REAGAN brothers sailed from Northern Ireland with a
group of Quakers, and that their destination was North Carolina.


The date of this sailing was probably around 1750, or even a few years

...<snip> ...

One of the two original REAGAN brothers who had immigrated from Northern
Ireland was named Thomas, and we know that he, with his wife Rachel, were
among the Southern Quakers who emigrated to Ohio well before the close of the
eighteenth century. We know that they had a son named Reason and that Reason
married a young Quakeress named Mary Spray. Reason and Mary had several
children, one of whom, born in 1818, was named John. He also married a young
Quakeress, Charity Hawkins.


And the following is from a book titled "The Lineage of the Amos RAGAN
Family" by Elizabeth H. RAGAN.
(This is from a letter written by G.T. RAGAN to The Honorable John H. REAGAN,
Senator on 17 Sep 1889. John H. was the Confederate Postmaster General.)

Dear Sir,

... <snip> ...

I too feel a great interest in knowing more of the REAGAN family. From the
best information I can get, the family was called O'RAGAN in Ireland ... See
Irish History. After Cromwell's defeat there were two brothers of the REAGAN
family, or rather O'RAGAN family, that came to the United States as they were
in the rebellion. One of these brothers settled in Pennsylvania and the
other in Virginia. After the Revolutionary War ... they were all true Whigs
... there were four of the REAGANs who left Virginia: one, my grandfather,
settled in Green County, Tenn.; one of the brothers settled in Washington
County Tenn.; one in Sevier County, Tenn., from which family Judge REAGAN
sprung. The Virginia famiy dropped the 'O' as did the Pennsylvania family.
And the young ones retained the 'e' and added the 'a', while many of the
Pennsylvania families turned the 'e' into 'a', as they were universally
called RAGANs as well as the Virginia family. There was another brother, a
fourth one, as I said the four left Virginia, who settled on the Savanah
River in Georgia. I know very little of the Pennsylvania family, having
never seen any of that family except W.H.RAGAN of High Point, N.C. I know
very little of the Savanah branch ... never saw but one of that family.



So there you have it friends. The story of the "Two RAGAN" brothers. Now I
wonder how many of you have heard a story like that about your/our ancestors.
Sometimes I believe the old adage - Where there's smoke there's fire. If
the story comes up enough I think there must be something to it. Right?
Well maybe yes, maybe no.

This morning on one of the mailing list I subscribe to I found this:
John Arnold sailed from rotterdam on the ship " Two Brothers" arriving in
Philadelphia 9/28/1753.he married Elizabeth Howard.they lived at property
called "Stoney Bottom" ...

... <snip>

Hmmm ... makes me wonder ... Did we really have "Two Brothers" that made the
trip or did a family or several families make the trip on the ship "Two
Brothers"??? Apparently this ship was operating in the 1750's, which was the
time mentioned in the Chester L. REAGAN book. I wonder how long it was in
operation and where it sailed from and to. Does anyone have access to
passenger lists for this ship? It may turn up something interesting for some
members of our discussion group.

I'm still entering descendants of Charles REAGAN into the database. I'll
send a register report as soon as I finish. I believe several members of our
group will find it interesting. I've connected to several families that were
already in the database. Stay tuned cousins ...

I'm also still entering descendants of Joshua RAGAN into the database. I'll
start getting tired of doing one and will switch to the other. (Back &
forth, back & forth.) I may get caught up one day (but don't hold your
breath, I'm not ;-).

Donald B. REAGAN, author of the book "The Book of RAGAN/REAGAN", is working
on the lineage of Thomas RAGAN/REAGAN and will send it when he's finished.
I'm looking forward to seeing that one and will post it here when I get it.
So again, stay tuned fans ...

Again I'd like to mention that I'm looking for *any* info on a Laborn (or
Labron) R. RAGAN/RAGON b. abt 1860 in TN (probably). He died in Jackson Co.,
AL in 1909. He was married to Minnie WEAR (we think). I recently saw
something that makes me think her name may have been WOOD. If you come up
with anything on this family please let me know. Several of their
descendants are friends of mine (one's a member of our group) and I'd like to
help them make a link to the next generation.

Here's a family group report on Laborn & Minnie:
Husband:Laborn R. RAGAN
Birth:Circa 1860Place:TN
Death:28 Apr 1909Place:Jackson Co., AL (Probably)
Burial:Place:Caperton Ferry Cem., Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL
Wife:Minnie WEAR
1. M Child:Nathan RAGAN
Death:Jan 1919
Burial:Place:Caperton's Ferry Cem., Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL
Spouse:Meck BRYANT
2. M Child:Arthur RAGAN
Birth:8 Jan 1888Place:Jackson Co., AL
Death:3 Mar 1975Place:Jackson Co., AL
Burial:5 Mar 1975Place:Caperton's Ferry Cem., Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL
Spouse:Bertha May FOSHEE
3. F Child:Annie RAGAN
Spouse:Adam FOSHEE
4. F Child:Alma RAGAN
Spouse:Bob BRYANT
5. F Child:Muncie RAGAN
Spouse:_?_ HESTER
6. F Child:Martha RAGAN
Spouse:_?_ PACE

Well that's it for this time cousins!

Our RAGAN/REAGAN/REGAN/RAGON (... etc.) database keeps growing. If you'd
like to be included send your lineage (actually I prefer a GEDCOM because it
saves a lot of typing) to . I'll be glad to share any info I
have with any researcher. Occasionally I get to post the entire database on
the Net somewhere so "keep them cards & letters (lineages) coming boys &

Michael William RAGAN

List Owner
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