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Subject: Re: [REYNOLDS] Knox Co KY Reynolds 1808
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 20:47:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Did Richard Spencer Reynolds (b. 1749) have brothers named Henry, Thomas, William, Alexander, and/or John?

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Dear Steve, I think you and I are researching the same branch of Reynolds I
am having much difficulty, as the family tree as it was given to me appears
to be wrong in 3 generations. My reynolds from what I know go back to a
Christopher Reynolds who came to the US in 1622, Isle of Wight. He was from
England. He married Elizabeth Mathews Rivers (this might have been her 2nd
He had a brother Thomas who also came to Isle of Wight, Va and died there in
1650. I have no further record of him, but have not looked. Interestingly
there was a Lewis family in VA that early, same place also.
Christopher and Elizabeth had the following sons (I will not go into dau
Christopher 1640 Jamestown area, VA
John 1644
Richard 1641, might have been more children all died Jamestown area of VA
Son Richard c 1690 Va m Elizabeth Sharpe in Va had sons, Richard
Christopher and Sharpe.
Richard Jr. m a Rebecca (some trees have Mary Anderson, that is wrong) had
John, David, Thomas c 1716, and possibly James. This family migrated to NC
bef 1791 (what is now the Jones County area (lots of county boundary changes
during their life time) And one of these sons was father to a Richard Spencer
Reynolds b abt 1749 b Va
Richard Spencer Reynolds had two wives one named Sarah and the following
sons, who I believe were possibly b. in NC
Richard c 1769 to KY
Spencer 1767 to TN
Thomas c 1766 to KY
Garland c1768 to Florida
Joseph 1770 to KY
George 1772 to KY
Benjamin? not sure he is his son to Kansas
John to KY
Greensberry to KY
Mathew to Ky.
I believe this Richard Spencer Reynolds was in the Rev war and the same
Richard Reynolds who received a land grant abt 300 acres in then Lincoln County,
VA now various Ky counties, Owsley, Jessamine, Knox and Clay.
>From here I am certain and have docs, my line to Pleasant Reynolds b 1791
in NC, from Richard Jr. Pleasant bought 200 acres in 1839 in Clay Co. He had a
son Thomas b. 1833. And many other children. they stayed in KY (Owsley Co
area till the early 1900,s, then some went to Washington State and others to
Montana (Ravalli Co) a Few did stay in Ky.
I think We are looking at the same branch, because of the migration pattern
of the Reynolds I am working on. And the misinformation as to place names and
county name mix ups.
I have links to land records etc. If you want I will send them.
What do you know of your Reynolds? Maybe we can help each other, either to
prove or disprove facts about their lives. I really do not want to work with
any existing trees I have seen so far, they all (no offense to the owners)
seem to be very convoluted.
These Reynolds are truly maddening. I have done many trees before, but my
interest prior is Early Pennsylvania (Germantown) and settlements along the
Delaware River prior 1700 and PA Dutch.
I am finding tracing these Reynolds and getting documentation that is
reliable very hard.
Sorry if I have confused you further.
Sincerely, Peg
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From: Steve
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Subject: Re: [REYNOLDS] Knox Co KY Reynolds 1808

Thank you very much. I forgot that names of places may have changed over
time, making this hobby just that much more simpler. I will study the link
and the history of the area in greater detail.

What might help your search is finding out when Knox county became a county.
I was having the same problem till I discovered some of the history Kentucky
did not become a state until 1792. Before that it was Kentucky county, Va in
1776. after that 3 counties were formed Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln, but
they were still part of Virginia till statehood. Ky. was still forming new
counties in 1843 (Owsley). The ky county gen web site has a clickable county
formation map, that is wonderful, here is the link
It could be the Lincoln co. Thomas is yours, just Knox might have not been a
county at the time of the records you are looking at.
Sincerely, Peg

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From: Steve
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 4:42 PM
Subject: Re: [REYNOLDS] Knox Co KY Reynolds 1808

I've read several accounts of my ancestors Thomas Reynolds (1700-1792), his
wife Mary Margaret Lewis, and their children including son John (1740-1828)
living on the Indian Creek but in Lincoln County, NC. (There must have been a
lot of "Indian Creeks" back in the day!)

Does anyone have any primary evidence of this family? If so, email me at
and let's share research. Thanks.




I am currently studying the different John Reynolds in Kentucky in the late
1700's and early 1800's.

I seem to remember that there was a John Reynolds who fought in the
Revolutionary War who was killed by the Indians and I believe he was killed
prior to
1800. I can't remember if he is the same John Reynolds who fought at Brant's

Station but I think he was. I think he was a Captain.

I also know that there was a John Reynolds who was on Indian Creek in Knox
County, Kentucky in 1800. I don't know if these two men were one and the
but I don't think they were. When I get some more facts documented I will
post what I have found on the list.

Several of us are chasing a John Reynolds as a possible ancestor to your
Tarlton and to my Claiborne and the connection (if any) between him and the
others who were on Indian Creek at the same time as John - George, Thomas,
William and Daniel.

A descendant of George was tested as part of our Reynolds DNA Project and he

was not a match to Claiborne's line. This means that either George was not
connected to Claiborne by blood or that the George Reynolds who went to
Indiana was not the same George as the one on Indian Creek in Knox County,

Claiborne's descendant has tested as a match to Nathaniel Reynolds b. 1750
in Virginia and to Dudley Runnels b. 1750 of Virginia. Dudley was a brother
to Harmon and Jesse Runnels.


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Can you tell me anymore about the John Reynolds b. in N.C. please? billie

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Subject: Re: [REYNOLDS] Knox Co KY Reynolds 1808

> Is anyone from this line considering being tested for the Reynolds DNA
> project?
> Jan Wilson
> Co-Administrator
> Reynolds DNA Project
> 513.459.9116
> In a message dated 10/16/2007 12:00:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> Still looking for Reynolds information on Knox Co KY connections. I can
> trace a paper trail back to Charles and Rutha Phipps REynolds of the
> Barbourville, Knox Co KY. Would love to be able to document this line
> back farther.
> My dad-- Frank Reynolds b Wayne Co KY 1921
> Tommy Reynolds b. 1888 Wayne Co KY m. Lydia Sandusky
> Henry Reynolds b. ca 1843 Knox Co KY (1850 Knox co KY census)
> Charles Reynolds m. Rutha Phipps
> was he the son of
> Tarlton Reynolds m. Polly Sneed and was he the son of
> John Reynolds b. 1756 N C? fought in Rev. as mentioned in history of
> Knox Co KY?

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