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Subject: 1600's/1700's Virginia
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:40:02 EST

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<< Wm. Williams, from Wales, a colonel in the Revolutionary
war and an officer in Gen. George Washington's body guard."
> Does anyone on the list connect or know more about this William
Williams? >> (and the information below:)


I, too, would be interested in knowing more about this William WILLIAMS as he
might, possibly, connect to one or both of my WILLIAMS lines.

There are family connections to General/President George WASHINGTON in other
lines in my tree that connect to my 1st WILLIAMS line, one of which is George
WILLIAMS, born: early 1700's, wife: Catherine "Caty" ?, whose daughter,
Tabitha WILLIAMS, born: 1766 in VA, married Samuel EARLE, IV, (Sgt./Rev.
War,) born: 1760 in Fauquier Co., VA, son of Elizabeth HOLBROOK, born: abt.
1733, (mother: Jannet/Jeanette PATTISON - CONYERS, (1st husband: Henry
CONYERS,) father: Randolph "Randall" HOLBROOK, Jr., (2nd husband of Jannet
PATTISON - CONYERS,) and Elizabeth was the 2nd wife of her husband/father of
Samuel EARLE, IV, (Sgt./Rev. War,) born: 1760, who was Samuel EARLE, III,
(Major,) born: 1692, (1st wife: Anna SORRELL, (they were the parents of the
first son of Samuel EARLE, III, to be named Samuel EARLE, IV, who was born in
1727, who was born over 33 years before his brother by the same name. His
mother, Anna SORRELL, and husband, Samuel EARLE, III, were, also, the parents
of Anna Sorrell EARLE who married as the 1st wife of Charles BUCK, I, whose
2nd wife was Letitia SORRELL, aunt of Anna Sorrell EARLE and Letitia was the
sister of Anna Sorrell EARLE's mother, Anna SORRELL, (the 1st Mrs. Samuel
EARLE, III, Major.) The 2nd son of Samuel EARLE, III to be named Samuel
EARLE, IV, who was the Sgt. in the Rev. War and was born in 1760 and who
married Tabitha WILLIAMS were the parents of my 3rd great grandmother, Kitty
EARLE, born: bet. 1790 - 1795 in VA, married Bailey JENNINGS, born: abt. 1789
in Virginia, son of Rachel JORDAN, (parents: ??,) John JENNINGS, (Rev. War,)
born: abt. 1748 in Richmond Co., VA, son of a woman who is possibly named
Sarah MORE/MOORE?, parents: ??, and her husband: Edward Salley JENNINGS,
Sr., born: Jan 1720 in Richmond Co., VA who was the son of Ann KELLY, born:
abt. 1696 in Richmond Co., VA, died: abt. 1734/35, (mother: Amy DONIPHAN,
(father: Alexander DONIPHAN, mother: Aimee ?, (1st wife,) ) and father:
John KELLY,) and Amy DONIPHAN (KELLY's) 2nd husband was Edward RANSDELL,) and
Ann KELLY's husband and father of Edward Salley JENNINGS, Sr., was William
JENNINGS, Jr., born: bet. 1695 - 1700, died: 07 Jan 1732/abt. 1733,
(mother: Mary WILLOUGHBY, father: William JENNINGS, Sr., born: abt. 1668,
(mother: Margaret PAYNE, (2nd husband: Christopher EDRINGTON,) mother:
possibly Margrett ROBINSON, (father: Richard ROBINSON,) father: (Sir?) John
PAYNE, born: abt. 1615 in England, immigrated to Old Rappahannock, VA,) and
father/1st husband of Margaret PAYNE: John JENNINGS, born: abt. 1633,
immigrated to Old Rappahannock, VA.

The above mentioned, (my 5th great grandfather,) Edward Salley JENNINGS, Sr.,
born: Jan 1720 in Richmond Co., VA, was 'bound out' to his uncle, Augustine
JENNINGS, in his mother's will after her death in abt. 1734/5 when she was in
her 30's and Edward was abt. 15 years old. His younger brother, Calathan
JENNINGS, was also bound out to Augustine JENNINGS as well. Augustine
JENNINGS' wife was Hannah WILLIAMS who is thought by some to be the daughter
of James WILLIAMS or, in the opinion of Terri SMITH, from whom some of my
additional WILLIAMS - JENNINGS information came, it is quite possible that
Hannah WILLIAMS is the daughter of Honor? and husband, Jonas WILLIAMS of
Prince William Co., VA.

The above mentioned Hannah WILLIAMS will was witnessed by an Alexander D.
KELLY that would appear to be the Alexander Doniphan KELLY who was the
brother of the above mentioned Ann KELLY, (Mrs. William JENNINGS, Jr.) my 6th
great grandmother, (children of John KELLY and Amy DONIPHAN.)

In information also sent to me by Terri SMITH there is a connection in
documents in transactions involving a Thomas and Rose JORDAN and William
WILLIAMS, Paul WILLIAMS and George WILLIAMS who would appear, most likely, to
be my 5th great grandfather, George WILLIAMS, husband of Catherine "Caty" ?,
and father of my 4th great grandmother, Tabitha WILLIAMS, who as stated above
married Samuel EARLE, IV, (Sgt./Rev. War,) born: 1760 in Fauquier Co., VA,
and were the parents of my 3rd great grandmother, Kitty EARLE, who married
Bailey JENNINGS. Kitty EARLE had a sister whose middle name was EWING and I
wonder whether or not the Catherine "Caty" ? mentioned above as the wife of
George WILLIAMS might have possibly been named Catherine "Caty"
EWING/EWINGS/EWEN......anyone have a thought?

The above mentioned Bailey JENNINGS, born: 1789 in Virginia, was the son of
Rachel JORDAN and John JENNINGS, (Rev. War,) born: abt. 1748 in Richmond Co.,
VA, and I think that it is highly possibly that Rachel JORDAN may be related
to the above mentioned Thomas and Rose JORDAN involved in transactions with
the WILLIAMS men mentioned. Also, in the will of the above mentioned, Ann
KELLY, (Mrs. William JENNINGS, Jr.,) was a William JORDAN who, most likely,
connects with the Rose ? and Thomas JORDAN mentioned. I believe, also, that
these JORDAN individuals probably are somehow related to my 4th great
grandmother, Rachel JORDAN and would be interested in any information
regarding that JORDAN family.

And I would like to find more information regarding this WILLIAMS family
which is on my father's side of the family.

Also, on my mother's side of the family is William WILLIAMS, born: abt. 1790
in Maryland, and his parents are completely unknown to me. His wife is only
known as Elizabeth ? who was born in Ohio.....probably abt. 1800 or
so.....and their daughter, Clarissa "Clara" WILLIAMS was born abt. 1840
either in Catahoula Parish, LA, (married Hudson/Hutson H. SLAUGHTER, born:
1844 in Greene/Pickens Co., AL,) where the family was prior to 1840 or in
Franklin Parish, LA where the family was from abt. 1840 forward. Family is
to be found later in Liddieville, Franklin Parish, LA where some of the
WILLIAMS - SLAUGHTER - MUNN (KING) - LEE individuals are buried at the Ogden
Cemetery, Liddieville, Franklin Parish, Louisiana.

I am looking to find out more information on the WILLIAMS lineage of the
above mentioned William WILLIAMS, born: abt. 1790 in Maryland, migrated to
Louisiana before 1840 and more information on the parents, siblings and
ancestors of the above mentioned George WILLIAMS, born: early 1700's
probably in Virginia, maybe Westmoreland Co., VA, who married Catherine
"Caty" ? that I think is related to the above mentioned Hannah WILLIAMS and
her father, either Jonas WILLIAMS, (and wife, Honor ?,) or James WILLIAMS.

Any information would be greatly appreciated and I am delighted to share any
and all information that I have on any of these lines with anyone.

In advance, I thank you.


Bellinda Myrick - Barnett

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