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From: Ron Holt <>
Subject: Re: Genealogical Programs
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 90 16:23:48 GMT

In article <>
(ANTHONY R. GUILLORY 904 644-1452) writes:
>Cliff Manis writes:
>>I believe that most of the ROOTS-L and soc.roots readers are behind a
>>UNIX/XENIX Operating System or multi-user system.
> Do you mean at work or home? At home, I think most are still
> using MS-DOS or Mac OS. At work, you're probably right.
>> 1. Has anyone written a program in "C" which could be used on the
>> UNIX/XENIX Systems for tracking Family History ?
> So far the survey has revealed one reader (who I'll leave anonymous
> unless he wants to be known.) who HAS written, such a package. He is in
> the process of converting from PAF and BK to his system.

I'm one of the original developers of PAF (version 2.0) and know there
was a Unix (actually Xenix) version done. Though the original version
was developed on an IBM PC, we got to the point that we did most of our
development work on the Xenix version and then ported that version to
the PC, Apple II, etc. It was so much easier to develop under Unix. I
don't think the LDS church ever released that version. It's not as
easy to support all the different Unix machines in the world as it is
to support a few personal computer versions. It's been several years
since I was involved in the project. Interested parties might want to
call the PAF support number (sorry, I don't have it handy) and ask
about the Unix version of PAF. Maybe if enough interest is shown, it
might be made available.
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