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From: Cliff Manis <>
Subject: Re: Genealogical Programs
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 90 18:17:06 CST

Ron, and the group:

Reference part of the msg to the ROOTS-L readers:

> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 90 16:23:48 GMT
> From: Ron Holt, , Eyring Inc.
> Subject: Re: Genealogical Programs
> >> 1. Has anyone written a program in "C" which could be used on the
> >> UNIX/XENIX Systems for tracking Family History ?
> >
> > So far the survey has revealed one reader (who I'll leave anonymous
> > unless he wants to be known.) who HAS written, such a package. He is in
> > the process of converting from PAF and BK to his system.
> I'm one of the original developers of PAF (version 2.0) and know there
> was a Unix (actually Xenix) version done.

This is FANTASTIC. If a Xenix/Unix version is available, I would buy it
in a second.

I have the original "Version 1.0, For use on the IBM Personal Computer" PAF
which is written in BASIC, and on 6 diskettes. I did use it for a while, but
at that time I was mostly using several programs which I wrote in BASIC, but
Brother's Keeper came along and I started using it. I still have the PAF 1.0

If ANYONE knows of a Xenix/Unix verion of PAF ever being available,
PLEASE send a note to ROOTS-L. I will attempt to call them tommorrow.

> I don't think the LDS church ever released that version. .......
> Interested parties might want to call the PAF support number .... and ask
> about the Unix version of PAF. Maybe if enough interest is shown, it
> might be made available.

If someone (anyone) reading ROOTS-L has any SPECIAL Inside contact at LDS,
would you please check on this. ? ? ?

Thanks Ron for your comments, and it must have been interesting to work on
that project.

> Ron uunet!lanai!ron

later.. Cliff

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