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Subject: Re: [SUT] Capt. James SUTHERLAND
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 17:54:56 EST


I was just reading Sutherland: A Fighting Clan by Malcolm Sutherland (Avon
Books, London, first pub. 1996), in which the author mentions Capt. James
Sutherland, 5th Lord Duffus, "who can only be described as a scallywag (see
footnote 140)." The author goes on to say "he died a bachelor and the Duffus
title passed, not without dispute, to his cousin, Sir Benjamin Sutherland
Dunbar of Hempriggs."

Here's footnote 140 (pp. 174-175), which suggests your ancestor was quite the
ladies' man:

James, 5th Lord Duffus (1747-1827. Capt. 1770).

James, 5th Lord Duffus, born 8 June 1747 at Skibo, was the eldest son of
Capt. Eric(k) Sutherland of Duffus, by his wife and cousin, Elizabeth,
daughter of Sir James Dunbar (lst Bart.) (formerly Sutherland). The title and
dignity of Lord Duffus were restored to James by Act of Parliament on 25 May
1826, his grandfather having been attainted after the 1715 Jacobite uprising.
James served first in the 68th Foot, which was in Jersey in 1763 and in
Antigua in 1765 to 1767. He appears in the AL as "Ja". His Ensigncy was taken
over in April 1767 and he was placed on half-pay until Augtust 1768. The 26th
and 36th Regiments of Foot served in America. McGregor says James retired on
27 January 1772 and in AL 1772-1826 he is listed as being on English half-pay
in the 106th Foot. At one time James was the lessee of Barrogill Castle (now
the Castle of Mey in the possession of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother).
The lease expired in 1786. Between 1792 and 1799 James was the factor of the
Earldom and Bishopric Estates in Orkney and a tenant of the Bu of Burray. He
was regarded by the Orcadians as tyrannical and oppressive and he forced
tenants of the Estate to build dykes for him at the Bu of Burray.

Although he eloped with Mary (nee Hay, daughter of James, Earl of Errol),
wife of General John Scott of Balcomie, who divorced her in 1771, James
abandoned her and died unmarried, at Harley Street, London on 30 January
1827. He was buried in Marlyebone Church on 7 February 1827.

General Scott was the Colonel of James's regiment. He was a celebrated
gambler whose luck was so phenomenal that "as rich as Scott" became a
by-word. It is said that Scott won the hand of his first wife, Lady Mary, in
settlement of a gambling debt owing to him by her father, the Earl of Errol.
A graphic description of Lady Mary's elopement is given on the reverse of a
letter dated Edinburgh 12 October 1771 from Gregory Grant to James Grant of
Grant (SRO: GD248/50/2/50). "Captain Sutherland of Duffus has been at his
cousin and very best friend, General Scott's house in Fife some days (at the)
latter end of last month and, without any previous particular suspicion,
eloped with Lady Mary Scott on Wednesday 2nd of this month at 3 o'clock in
the morning. They passed here about 10 o'clock that forenoon and slept in the
same bed for 3 or 4 hours at Durham that night. The General, with some
gentlemen of the Law etc., set out from hence at 10 o'clock the same night .
. . The poor unfortunate infatuated Lady with her wretched gallant most
foolishly stopt on Friday's night within 10 miles of London, at Barnet, where
the General came up with them before midnight . . . The General got into
their bedroom so as to see the Captain in his shirt who, without a rag on
him, jumped out of the window and has not been heard of since." The General
and his wife had been married only since November 1770. The Process of
Divorce is dated 18 December 1771.

In his Will James acknowledged 10 natural children (CSSS Newsletter, December
1985), one of whom appears to have been Margaret, daughter of Anne Dunnet of
Orkney (CSSS Newsletter, December 1984). However, according to Orkney
tradition James may have had as many as 60 illegitimate children. It is said
that the factor's stick and coat at the farmhouse door was a sign to the
farmer that he had better keep out of his own house.

In his old age, James was reputedly haunted by the prospect that
half-brothers and sisters might marry each other in ignorance of their
relationship (Private Correspondence: W.P.L. Thomson). Although referred to
as Lieutenant James Sutherland, it is probably James, Lord Duffus who
received a civil pension of 100 pounds per annum (as did his father, Erick
from 29 April 1769 until at least the second quarter of 1802 (Le Livre Rouge
-- Pensions in England, Scotland and Ireland by P.G. McCallum (1810),
Dodsley's Annual Register (1801) and PRO: T36/10). It is likely that Cadet
Eric of the Madras Infantry was one of the illegitimate sons.

So, Barbara, your ancestor is the progenitor of most of the Sutherlands in

--Lois Sutherland Wark
Las Cruces, New Mexico

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> Hello List,
> Can anyone tell me who is the Capt James SUTHERLAND in the correspondence
> from the Charter Room, Wemyss Castle.
> Among the 19 letters about the Sutherland Peerage Case addressed to Hon.
> James Wemyss of Wemyss, M.P. husband of Lady Elizabeth Sutherland, aunt of
> Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland & successful claimant of the Peerage
> 1766-1777.
> The letter from: Captain James Sutherland of 38th Regiment of Foot -
> Candidature of Col. Scott - Sir Robert Gordon.
> First letter written from Dunrobin on 2nd Sept 1766.
> My ancestor, also Capt James SUTHERLAND, later Lord Duffus, was the above
> him?
> What is interesting is that some of the letters are for Col. Scott to get
> what he wanted. It is written & I dint know where but our family tales are
> rife about the following. Our Capt had a liason with Capt. Scott's wife &
> they were caught, Scott divorced his wife over the episode.
> This would be just a continuation of our ancestor taking his "Lairdly"
> rights from whover her wished.
> Can any one help me.
> Barbara
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