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Subject: Early Sullivans in Dickson Co. TN
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 10:03:02, -0500

Sue and everyone else,

I have at least two families of Sullivans in this area in the early
1800s both MAY have been sons (or brothers?) of John Sullivant. I have
not been able to connect my ancestor, Isaac Sullivant to either one of
them. The name Daniel Sullivant also shows up in Halifax Co. so I know
that name runs in the family although I have no record of a Daniel
moving to TN.

William migrated from Halifax Co., NC and here's what I cut from PAF on
them. The numbers beside the names are the record numbers PAF assigns.
William SULLIVANT Sr.-3526
Bef 1750
d. Jan 5, 1826

--SPOUSE-- MRIN:1342
Elizabeth HARVEY-3679

1William SULLIVANT Jr.-3522 have more on this line
2Jesse SULLIVANT-3549 have more on this line
3Mary SULLIVANT-3565 have more on this line
4Nancy SULLIVANT-1894 have more on this line

!SOURCE: Halifax County Deed Book 13 p. 342 mentions Williams Sullivan
& wife
Elizabeth in deed dated 20 Feb. 1775 in land transaction with William
Sullivan has a copy of deed abstract
Notes: Deed Book 9 1023 (251) John Sullivant to William Sullivant. 1
Mar. 1765
20 pounds. 100 acres which had been acquired by John Sullivant 1761 on
side of Rocky Swamp, joing Stephen Sampson, Watery Branch. John
Wit: William Health CC: J. Montfort

Deed Book 13 354 (23) William Sullivant of Halifax Co. to Wm. Harvey of
20 Feb. 1775. 17 pounds 10 shillings proclamation money. 120 acres
which sd
Sullivant had acquired from James Hogun Esq 2 Feb. 1775 joining Thomas
Williams, Brown, Meed, Jeremiah Sullivant, Spencer Hurst. Wm. Sullivant
Eliza Sullivant(x). Wit: Jere. Sulivant, John Pritchett. Feb. Ct. 1775.
Examined by James Allen Esq, Elizabeth Sullivant relinquished her dower.
Jos. Montfort

Montgomery County Tennessee, Deed Book N, page 120-120
This is the same William Sullivant that was in Halifax County
according to South Side Cousins (Batson Connections) who died 5 Jan.
The deed divides land left by Willliam Sullivant to the following people
-Dan Sullivan has a copy of the paper splitting the land and the Batson
book does also.

Jesse Sullivant
William Sullivant
Samuel & Nancy Smith
William & Mary Porter.
I think all the these people are William's sons & daughters.


State Census February 11, 1786 Halifax
William Sulivant 1 WM 21-60, 2 WM <21 & >60, 4 WF, 3 Blacks 21-50, 3
Blacks <12
& > 50

US Census 1790 Halifax
2 WM > 16 2 females 8 slaves

US Census 1800 Halifax
1 WM > 45 last column on women missing from copy

Jeremiah Sullivant also moved from Halifax and I have the following on

Jeremiah SULLIVANT-3571
b. Bef 1750
d, bef, 1834

--SPOUSE-- MRIN:1359
Nancy HUMPHRIES-3820


1Owen SULLIVANT-4118
2-Elley SULLIVAN-4023
3-George SULLIVAN-4131
4-Zachariah SULLIVAN-4022
5-John SULLIVAN-4085
6-Elizabeth SULLIVANT-3979

!SOURCE: Deed Book 12 of Halifax County 65-(101) John Sullivent of
Halifax Co.
to Jeremiah Sullivent. 19 Feb. 1772. 12 pounds of Virginia. 120 acres
had been a Granville Grant to John Sullivent 176 Mar 1760 on north side
Great Branch of Rocky Swamp joining John Dameron, Spencer Hurst, Watry
John Sullivent. Wit: Jesse Hammond Feb. Ct. 1772 CC: Jos. Montfort

Notes: Halifax County Deed Book 14 1083-(700) Jeremiah Sulivant and
his wife to William Edmunds of Halifax Co. 19 Apr. 1783. 100 pounds. 100
on west side of Hickory Swamp joining Wm. Edmonds, Davis, Jno. Iles.
Sulivant, Nancy Sulivant. Wit: (blank) Sulivant, J. Hervy, Jno. Poweres.
Ct. 1783 CC: W. Wootten. P. Regisr. Jno. Geddy

Source: Andrea Kay Storm
She cites Journal of James Holt and also references:
Dickson County Administor Settlements 1823-1832, p.269: Account of sale
property of Nancy Sullivan, deceased, on 1 July 1834, 14 slaves owned
and sold,
Owen Sullivan, Elley Sullivan, George Sullivan, Zachariah Sullivan and
Sullivan were among the buyers

NC State Cenus February 12, 1786 District 12 taken by Thomas Harvey,
Jery Sulavant 1 WM 21-60, 4 WM < 21 & > 60, 5 WF
1790 US Census
Jerry Sullivant 1 WM >=16, 5 WM < 16, 6 WF, 2 slaves
Halifax County Court Records, May Court 1797, para. 875,
Replaced as overseer of the road by Thomas Henry Junr

Hope this helps. I'm interested in anything on this line and I do have
other information on the sons and daughters of William and Jeremiah but
this notes already long enough.

Dan Sullivan

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