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Hi Frances,

I'm a descendant of Lecil Bobo's, and for a few years now I've been
piecing together a timeline of his life. Here's a family group and a
reverse chronology that mentions some of the property he held. I
believe that he also owned some town lots in the city of Manchester.

Also, if you Google "Lecil Bobo Bible" you should find a transcription
of his family Bible, posted by Chuck Bobo in the December 2007 Bobo
Roots Cellar. You may need to click on the cached version to see it.

This is more than you asked about, but I'm up too late to pick and
choose. Hope this gets you close to what you wanted to know.


PS I'm curious about the capitalization in BoBo. Was there a
particular record where it appeared that way?

On Mar 9, 2008, at 12:05 PM, Frances Simmons wrote:

> Lecil BoBo born 7-24-1787 SC died 5-29-1849 Athen, to
> Elijah BoBo that's buried at Flat Creek,Bedford co.TN.I have notice
> that Lecil lived in Manchester,(Coffee Co). That he was a
> postmaster, Coffee County County Clerk, surveyor and own a mill,
> until he move to TX. Lecil married Hester Putman.Is there anyone
> living in Coffee Co. that's from this line of BoBo? Does anyone know
> what part of Coffee Co. Lecil lived?
> Lecil was my ggg-granduncle on my grandmother Burns line, thru her
> Brandon line. ggg-granddaughter of Elijah BoBo and Sarah Pearson.
> Frances
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Name:Lecil BOBO1
Birth:24 Jul 1787Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co., S.Carolina2
Death:29 May 1849Athens, Henderson Co., Texas1,3,4
Burial:Athens Cem., Athens, Henderson Co., Texas5
Occupation:public servant, surveyor, mill owner, dry goods merchant
Father:Burwell (Burrell) BOBO (1763-1830)
Mother:Elizabeth ROEBUCK (1763-1851)
Marriage:15 Jul 1813Spartanburg County, South Carolina3,5,6
Spouse:Hester Ann PUTMAN2,3,7
Birth:30 Jan 1789Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co., S.Carolina2,8,5
Death:27 Nov 18499
Burial:Athens Cem., Athens, Henderson Co., Texas5
Father:Rev. John PUTMAN (1751-1820)
Mother:Sarah HOWARD (~1753-1845)

1 F:Elizabeth (Betsy) Robuck Bobo2
Birth:12 Feb 1815probably in South Carolina8,5,10,11
Death:18 Dec 1895Coffee County, Tennessee12,5,10
Spouse:Travis Bowden
Marriage:16 Sep 1830Bedford County, Tennessee2,5,11
Spouse:John W. Adams
Marriage:4 Aug 1857Coffee County, Tennessee13,5,5
2 F:Luiza Howard Bobo3,11 (Died as Child)
Birth:28 Dec 1816South Carolina11
Death:29 Sep 182911
Never married:
3 M:Mitchell Munro Bobo3,11
Birth:21 Sep 1819South Carolina3,14
4 F:Rhoda Hobby Bobo1,3
Birth:5 Nov 1822Coffee Co., Tennessee3,5,11
Death:aft Jun 187015,16,17
Spouse:Jacob Sutton
Marriage:24 Apr 1845Coffee Co., Tennessee5,5,11
Spouse:Charles Hickerson
Marriage:3 Nov 184118,11
Spouse:Thomas Grier McNeely
Marriage:24 Feb 1868Anderson County, Texas18
5 M:Francis Marion Bobo1,3
Birth:24 Jan 1824South Carolina3,3
Death:6 Apr 1848near Somerville, Tennessee1,5,11
Spouse:Martha Boyd
Marriage:29 Dec 184211
6 M:William Carroll Bobo1,3
Birth:21 Sep 1825Bedford, now Coffee, County, Tennessee3,3,5,11
Death:1862Fredricksburg, Virginia5,11
Spouse:Amanda C. Smith
Marriage:6 Jun 185011
Spouse:Nancy McGehee

Notes for Lecil BOBO
10 Jan 1853— estate sale for Lecil Bobo who had died in 1849.

30 Dec 1852 - Wm. A Hickerson, administrator of his estate, submitted
receipt for shares distributed to Wm. C. Bobo and recorded that Lecil
Bobo had owed $50 to Nancy Hough (dau. of Gideon and Mary Hough) for
caring for his (Lecil’s) mother during her natural lifetime.

“Thomas Busby built a corn, wheat, and powder-mill on Spring Branch of
Duck River, in the Fifth District, which was afterward bought by Lecil
Bobo, and as such ran up to about 1850”. . .19

1849 - Lecil Bobo died in Texas, according to his granddaughter Eliza
Whiffen, who believed he moved to Texas in 1848 or 1849.4

1848—early summer, Lecil and Hester along with daughter Rhoda and her
husband Jacob Sutton, began their move to Texas by wagon train.20

2 Feb 1848—the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, marking the end
of the Mexican-American War and opening Texas to general settlement.

“17 Feb. 1844, a deed registered from James Erwin, then of Fayette
Co., Ky., to Lecil Bobo. Erwin acted through his attorney-in-fact, his
brother, Andrew Erwin, Jr., of Bedford Co., Tenn. This deed’s calls
offer the only clear description of the [Stone Fort Tavern] area which
so far has come to light, and emphasized the fact that James Erwin,
friend and business associate of Thomas Eastland, did indeed own the
land on which the tavern was built. . .The calls for the Bobo deed
read as follows: Beginning in the centre of a Spring, which is the
beginnning corner of a Tract of Land laid off and Deeded to the
Commissioners of the County of Coffee for the location of the Town of
Manchester. Thence East to the Road leading by the old Stone Fort
Tavern to Nashville, being the old road from Winchester to Nashville.
Thence North to the Bark Camp Fork of Duck River. Thence with Col.
Hynes’ line on the North side of the River so as to include all the
water to the mouth of the Spring Branch. Thence up the Spring Branch
with the Town line to the beginning, containing by estimation Five
acres. . .” 21 [ See Coffee County Deed Bk. C, pp. 176-178. ]

1840-1844 - Clerk of the County Court of Coffee County, Tennessee per
Goodspeed’s 1887 History of Coffee County

1840 - age 50-60 living in Coffee County, Tennessee with 1 boy 10-15,
2 boys 15-20, 1 boy 20-30, 1 girl 15-20 and 1 woman 50-60. Also male
slaves—2 under 10, 4 aged 10 to 24, and 2 aged 24 -36—and female slaves
—2 under 10, 4 aged 10 to 24, and 1 aged 24-36. There were 22 people
in the household with 10 of them employed in agriculture.22

1839 - Mayor Lecil Bobo chaired a committee which drafted a resolution
calling for the state legislature to extend the railroad into Coffee

1838 - by Chapter 99, Section 3:ACTS of the 22nd General Assembly, 1st
Session, 1837-1838 one of ten trustees of the Manchester Academy,
about which virtually no details are known. 21p.49

1837 [possibly 1838] - dry goods merchant, Manchester (town square),

“On January 8, 1836, the General Assembly passed an act entitled ‘An
act to establish the county of Coffee’ out of territory to be cut off
from the counties of Bedford, Warren and Franklin. The above act
appointed Hugh Davidson, Alexander Blakely, John Hickerson, Willliam
Bradshaw, Thomas Powers and Lecil Bobo commissioners to run the
boundary lines and locate a permanent seat of justice for the new
county, and February following the lines were run . . .”19

1831- “Bobo had apprently acquired the property by 1831, since a land
grant (#5569, Mountain District, Bk. H, p. 437) to Frederick H. Stump
& Elias M. Murphree, entered in Franklin County 9 Sept. 1831, begins
‘on the East side of the Road leading from the Stone fort to
Winchester two hundred and fifty poles south of where sd. Road Crosses
the Creek passing amidiately [sic] Bobos house formerly Cauled [sic]
the Stone fort. . .’ (as noted, the word ‘house’ did not then imply a
residence, but instead a business).” p. 3821

1830—in as Lecil Bobo, heading a household in Franklin County,
Tennessee with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5 to 10, 1 male 10 to 15, one
male 20 to 30, and 1 male 40 to 50; 1 female 5 to 10, one female 15 to
20 and one female 40 to 50. Also resident were 1 male slave 10-24, 1
female slave under 10, 1 female slave 24 to 36 and one female slave 36
to 55.24

1820—in as Lecil Bobo, heading a household in Bedford County,
Tennessee with 1 male to 10, 1 male 26-44, 3 females to 10, one female
10 to 15, and one female 26-44. The household also included two male
slaves under the age of 13.25

Notes for Hester Ann PUTMAN
1850—Hester A. Bobo is listed in the 1850 mortality index as having
died in Anderson County, Texas in the prior November.26

The following quote is from Bill Putman’s Web site: Hester married
Lecil Bobo in Union County. they were in Franklin County, Tennesee in
1830 and in Coffee County, Tennesee in 1840. They moved to Anderson
County, Texas in 1848.”6

Bill Putman also notes that there was a report in the Daily Texarkana
Newspaper on September 25, 1886 stating that the Hon. Lecil bobo,
former state senator of Monroe County (Arkansas) died in San Antonio,
Texas a few days before.”6 Bill had not yet found that this is a
different Lecil Bobo who on 6 Sep 1880 was elected to a four-year term
to the statehouse to represent the 13th District, Arkansas and Monore
counties (P. 1225). The “Pictorial History of Arkansas Up to 1890”
posted at shows a Lecil Bobo serving as a representative
of Monroe County to the Arkansas Twenty-third Legislature—Term January
8th - March 19th, 1881. He is listed as serving in the state Senate
for the Twenth-fourth Legilature—January 8th to March 28, 1883 (P.


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