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From: Annette DeHoff <>
Subject: Traylor in Granville Co, NC
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 11:09:01 -0500

This list of marriages came from the PML I subscribe to at Rootsweb. In
my neverending search for answers to my questions about William Traylor
who was the father (or possibly grandfather) of Manerva born about 1845.
My William was born about 1794 according to census records and fits the
age of William who married Fanny Jeffries in 1816. Does anyone know
anything about either the William Traylor or John Traylor that are
included in this list?

Annette DeHoff

Marriages of Granville County; 1753-1868:
- ---------------------------------------
HUDDLESTON, Benjamin & Frankie PARHAM 0n 2-18-1828
Wyatt Cannady bm David Laws as witness
HUDDLESTON, Ezekiel & Betsy LOCKE on 2-17-1811, Jesse
HUDDLESTON bm. Jun. Sneed as witness
HUDDLESTON, Ezekiel & Aggie EAKES on 8-28-1816, Robert
Kenton bm N. Herndon, witness
HUDDLESTON, Henry & Margaret HELLIER on 2-30-1815 (sic)
David Jones bm, Henry E. Smith witness
Henry P. HUDDLESTON was bm for Joseph
Marriot and Margaret Harris on 8-28-1829
HUDDLESTON, Jesse & Catey UPCHURCH on 5-23-1799
Ezekiel HUDDLESTON bm Robert Harris wit.
( 1 book spells her name "Caty" )
HUDDLESTON, Jesse & Matilda MORRIS on 5-28-1832 Chapman
Hester bm David Laws witness
HUDDLESTON, Jessee & Betsy JONES on 5-11-1807 James
Badgett bm W. M. Sneed witness (Jessee
sometimes listed as Jessee Hanson
HUDDLESTON) Jessee HUDDLESTON was bm for m
of Benjamine Hester to Patsey Burnett on
11-15-1818 (Hester's 3rd. marriage)
HUDDLESTON, John & Lucilla Collingsworth on 12-3-1783
B. Torn bm (one record spells Lucilla as
HUDDLESTON, John & Elizabeth CURTIS on 1-28-1786 Henry
Smith bm Bennett Searcy witness
John HUDDLESTON bm fo m of Frederick Beck
& Barnara Byars on 3-8-1799
HUDDLESTON, John & Susey GRENAWAY on 2-3-1807 Squire
Shearman bm W. M. Sneed witness (1 source
spelled name GRINAWAY)
HUDDLESTON, John W. & Sarah O. MIZE on 9-8-1864 Howell
L. Mize bm A. Landis witness m 9-14-1864
by W. D. Allen, J. P.
HUDDLESTON, Lambert & Nancy CURRIN on 4-6-1825 Larkin
Currin bm Step. K. Sneed witness
Lambert HUDDLESTON was bm for Owen Hart &
Mary Ann Howell on 9-18-1832 & for George
Tucker & Salley Reeks on 2-6-1836
HUDDLESTON, Samuel & Dinna WOOTEN on 7-26-1855 Samuel
H. Jeffreys bm
HUDDLESTON, William & Dicey GRENWAY 0n 11-8-1813 Samuel
Hunt bm Jas. M. Wiggins witness (1 source
spelled name GREENWAY)
HUDDLESTON, Delilah & John TRAYLOR on 4-28-1795 James
Tuill bm Step. Sneed witness
HUDDLESTON, Direna & William MAY 1-13-1866 Joseph Reedy
bm m. by R. B. Hester
HUDDLESTON, Leticia Salina & Isham VEAZEY on
10-28-1857 (Listed as Salina in one place
& Leticia in another)
HUDDLESTON, Rosa & Daniel SHADRACK on 9-11-1856 James
Hayes bm A. Landis witness
HUDDLESTON, Elizabeth & Henry BRIGGS on 12-20-181?
John Kenton bm Henry Briggs also m. Sarah
West 2-4-1840 & Rachel Strum 9-8-1843 with
J. M. Wiggins as bm each time
HUDDLESTON, Eaks was listed as bm to m. of William
Traylor & Fanny Jeffreys on 6-9-1816
with Sneed as witness

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