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From: Baird Wallace <>
Subject: Wallace/Woods Genealogy
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:17:21 -0500

To the Wallace List,

I am retransmitting this updated Wallace/Woods record because I
have had some significant new information and several List Members
have asked for additional information. Others have sent new
information, particularly on the Poage family ( from:

Baird Wallace

Greetings Wallace List Searchers,

This is an updated version of the Wallace /Woods Data Collected
by My Mother, Jaquetta Clements Wallace, in the 1930s in the
ÒClements Family Record.Ó

It has been updated by feedback information from the Wallace
Email List and by additional information from my brother, William
Lockhart Wallace II, who has been researching the family for many

Rt. Rev. Edward Loftus, of Levinhead, England, had a son, Rt. Rev.
Adam Loftus, b. 1534, in Yorkshire, d. 1605; became Archbishop of
Armagh, then in 1567, Archbishop of Dublin. He was appointed Lord
Chancellor of Ireland in 1581 and in 1591 became the first Provost of
Trinity College. He married Jane Purdun, daughter of T. Purdun. They
had twenty children, one of whom was Dudley.

Dudley Loftus, of County Dublin. married Anne Bagnall, daughter of
Henry Bagnall, of Newry.

Adam Loftus (son of Dudley and Anne) married Jane Vaughan., daughter
of Walter Vaughan, d. 1598, of Golden Grove, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
The Vaughans were a distinguished family, descended from ancient
Princes of Powys. Walter's sons, Jane's brothers, were: John Vaughan,
lst Earl of Carberry, b. 1572, d. 1634; William Vaughan,, b. 1577, d.
1641; and Gen. Sir Henry Vaughan, b. 1587, d.1659, a Royalist Leader.

Letitia Loftus (daughter of Adam and Jane) b. 1605, married
Richard Parsons, son of William Parsons of Birr or Parsonstown.

Elizabeth Parsons (daughter of Richard and Letitia) b. 1630, married
Thomas Worsop.

Elizabeth Worsop (daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth) b. Nov. 15,
1656, married John Woods, b. in Ireland about 1654, son of an English
trooper in Cromwell's Army, who settled in Co. Meath, Ireland, in
1649. They had at least five children.

These five, four brothers, Michael, William, Nathaniel and
Samuel Woods, and their sister, Elizabeth Woods Wallace, a widow of
Peter Wallace, Sr., and respective families came to America to
settle, in c. 1723.

They settled in Paxtunk Twp., now Paxtang , just South East
of Harrisburg., PA. in Lancaster Co. PA.

Their Families were as follows:

1. Michael Woods, b. 1684 in Ireland, d. 1762, married Mary
Campbell, daughter of the Scottish Clan Campbell of Argyll.

( In c.1734, Michael Woods and his family moved from Paxtunk,
PA. down the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia, with the older Wallace
boys and crossed over the Blue Ridge { from West to East }, to the
vicinity of present day Charlottesville. { It is presumed that they
left the Shenandoah Valley to go East because the valley was still
pretty wild then}. There is an historical marker on the road over the
gap { which today is known as Woods Gap }, stating that Michael Woods
and his party crossed the Gap ( c. 1733 ). They settled in Augusta
Co. VA, now Albamarle Co. He was accompanied by Andrew, Samuel, and
William Wallace.) { From my brother William, }

The children of Michael and Mary Campbell Woods were as follows:

a. Magdalena Woods, b. 1706, d. 1810, married lst, John McDowell,
d. 1742, 2nd, Benjamin Borden, Jr., 3rd Col. John Burger (or Bowtor.)

b. William Woods, b. 1706, married Susannah Wallace, daughter of
Peter and Elizabeth Woods Wallace.

c.Michael Woods, Jr., married Anne

d.Hannah Woods, b. 1710, married about 1730, William Wallace, son
of Peter and Elizabeth Woods Wallace.

e. Col. John Woods, b. Feb. 19, 1712, d. Oct. 14, 1791,
married about 1742, Susannah Anderson, daughter of the Rev. James
Anderson, of PA..

f. Margaret Woods, b. 1714, married Andrew Wallace, son of
Peter and Elizabeth Woods Wallace.

g.Richard Woods, b. 1715, d. 1779, married Jennie

h.Archibald Woods, b. 1716, d. 1783, married Isabella

i.Martha Woods, b. 1720, d. 1790, married c. 1740, Peter
Wallace, Jr., son of Peter and Elizabeth Woods Wallace.

( Peter Wallace, Jr. and his mother moved to Virginia in c.1740.
{He may have married Martha Woods in Hagerstown Maryland. There is a
record of the marriage of a Peter Wallace there in 1743 }. he
moved to Botetourt Co. in 1769, and to Rockbridge Co. in 1778. )

{ From my brother William. - The source for some of this
information is from a set of Books published by Ruth Petrechek, a
descendent of this line.}

( Four of Peter Jr. and Martha Woods WallaceÕs six sons were
killed in the Revolution, though all served. Samuel died in 1786, and
John lived to a ripe old age. )

j.Andrew Woods, b. 1722, d. 1781, married Martha Poage, the
daughter of Robert Poage ( b. c 1690-Ire., 1744, VA ), and Elizabeth
Preston Poage, (b. 1704-Ire., d. 1780/VA who married c. March,

(Martha Poage who married Andrew Woods and Robert Poage who married
Jane Wallace were brother and sister.) {This relationship and their
parents data was supplied by on the Wallace List.}

k. Sarah Woods, b. 1724, d. 1792, married Joseph Lapsley.

2. William Woods, settled in Lancaster Co., then in Cumberland Co.,
before 1750.

3. Nathaniel Woods.

4. Samuel Woods, settled in Cumberland Co., Pa. before 1750.

5. Elizabeth Woods, b. 1682, d. 1747, married 1702, Peter Wallace,
Sr. died in Ireland, d. before 1723; he was a Scottish Highlander,
descendant of Sir William Wallace's family, probably a son of Lieut,
Samuel Wallace, Òamong the popular Scots of Ulster", of Six Mile
Water, Co. Antrim. ( From my brother WilliamÕs research).

Elizabeth Woods and Peter Wallace, Sr. had six children, as

a. William Wallace, b. 1706, d. 1766, lived at"Greenwood" near
Crozet, { Crozet is in Albemarle Co , West of Charlottesville on Rt.
240, a mile or two North of Brownsville which is on Rt. 250 according
to my map. ( Crozet today is on the C& O Railroad )}, He was one of
the founders of the Mountain Plains Presbyterian Church, King's
Attorney for Louisa Co. VA. in 1742., married about 1730 Hannah
Woods, daughter of Michael and Mary Campbell Woods.

They had children, as follows:

(1) John Wallace, b. 1736, d. 1814, moved to Washington Co.,
VA.in 1780, then to Kentucky in 1796

(2) Capt. Michael Wallace, b. 1748, married Anne Allen, b.
1740,d. 1827, had a son Michael. Removed to KY

(3) Jane Wallace, married Robert Poage, son of Robert Poage (
b. c 1690-Ire., 1704, VA ),and Elizabeth Preston Poage, (b. 1704-Ire.

(4) William Wallace, Jr., b. 1740, d. 1809, a
Revolutionary veteran, married Mary Pilse. Their Children were:

(a) William., d. 1812, unmarried;
(b) Richard, d. 1832, unmarried;
(c) Hannah, married John Lobban;
(d) Samuel;

(e) Mary;

(f) Michael, d. 1845, married Lavina Lobban;
Children: Samuel (settled in Texas ), Mary, and

(g) Elizabeth

(h) John.

(5) Mary Wallace, baptized 1743.

(6) Sarah Wallace.

(7) Hannah Wallace.

(8) Joseph Wallace, Pvt. 3 years, Continental Line, married
Susan Woods.

2. Susannah Wallace, married William Wood, See Woods.

3. Samuel Wallace, b. 1709, d. 1800, married Esther Baker, of
Charlotte Co., VA. Moved to Kentucky, 1781. Children, as follows:

a. Judge Caleb Wallace, b. 1742, d. 1814, on the Committee of
Safety for Charlotte Co., married lst Sarah McDowell; married
2nd, 1779, Rose Ann Christian.

b. Elizabeth Wallace, b. 1745, married Col. Henry Pawling.

c. Maj. Andrew Wallace, b-1748, d.1829, married Catherine

d. Samuel Wallace, left home to go to Scotland, when young,
never heard from.

4. Andrew Wallace, d. 1785, lived at Ivy Station, Albemarle Co., VA.,
married Margaret Woods, b. 1714, d. 1756, daughter of Michael and Mary
Campbell Woods.
Their children were:

a.Michael Wallace, married Jane Bratton,

b.Samuel Wallace.

c.Elizabeth Wallace, married William Briscoe.

d.Hannah Wallace, married Michael Woods.

e.Mary Wallace, married Alexander Henderson.

f.Margaret Wallace, b. 1745, married William Ramsey.

g.Susannah Wallace, married Thomas Collins.

h. Jean/Jane Wallace, married ______ Wilson.

5. Adam Wallace.

6. Peter Wallace, Jr., b. 1719, d. 1786, married, ( we think in
Frederick, MD., in 1743, ), Martha Woods, b.1720, d. 1790, daughter
of Michael and Mary Campbell Woods.

Peter Wallace, Jr. lived in Rockbridge Co., VA. They had six
sons. All of them served in the Revolutionary War; ( four of them
died in the war. ), and three daughters, as follows:

a.Malcolm Wallace, died in service in 1775.

b.Samuel Wallace, b. 1745, d. 1785 or 1786, Revolutionary
officer, married Rebecca Anderson. They had six children, as follows
(1) James Wallace.

(2) Andrew Wallace

(3) Elizabeth Wallace, married Charles Grigsby.

(4) Martha Wallace, married John Ruff.

(5) William Wallace.

(6) Anderson Wallace (posthumous child), married Mary
_______, had four children, Elizabeth M., married Atkinson; William,
d. 1808, unmarried; Samuel A; and Susannah, married James Watt,

c. Ens. James Wallace, 3rd VA. Reg., died 1776, in Philadelphia
of smallpox.

d. Capt. Adam Wallace, killed at Waxham, S.C., by Tarletons
troops, May 21, 1780.

e. Capt. Andrew Wallace, killed in battle of Guilford
Court-house, in 1781.

f. John Wallace, b. 1748, d. 1837 in IN., married 1st, Jane
Miller, d. c,1818 Jane Miller who was killed by lightning in TN..
They had the following children:

(1) James Wallace; b. 1799, VA.

(2) Robert Wallace;

(3) Rebecca Wallace, married ________ Campbell.

John married 2nd. Miss Norton, before leaving Tennessee for
Indiana. ( The book "Wallace" by George Seldon Wallace lists all his
children and grandchildren, their spouses, etc. Also Ruth Petrecek was
descended from this family, and has a great deal of data. )

Those interested in pursuing this further can contact my
brother directly at . Please cc to me at:
or the ÒWallace ListÓ so that I can keep my
file on these families up to date.

g. Elizabeth Wallace, married Col. John Gilmore.

h. Janet Wallace.

i. Susannah Wallace.

* * * * * * *
* *

I also have copied the information shown in the ÒEverton Family
FilesÓ, for reference. It was sent out on the Wallace List exchange
Aug. 18, 1997 and shows grandchildren of Peter, Jr. and Martha Woods
Wallace as shown below:

Everton Family Files. Sent out on the Wallace List by "Herb &

( Editors Note: I have reordered the entries to make comparison to
the larger record easier.)

Peter Jr. & Martha Woods Wallace.

John Wallace b.1780 *, wife Jane Miller d.1818. Children;

Margaret b.1781 VA.
Nancy b.1784 VA.
John Jr. b.1786 VA.
David b.1790 VA.
Joseph F. b.1791 VA.
Samuel b. 1793 VA.
Elizabeth b.1796 VA.
James b.1799 VA.
Brice b.1802 Tn.
Jennie b.1804 Tn.
Enoch b.1807 Tn.

* ( b. 1748 , d, 1838 in IN. by WLW ), VA.


My Mother originally thought that this family was the lineage if our
family through the connection of Andrew Wallace, son of Samuel
Wallace, b. 1745, d. 1785 or 86, etc. but we now believe this is not

As stated in my original Note to the Wallace List: we still do not
know who the parents of our Great grandfather, John Wallace, b. 1797
d. 1850-55, and his brother, William Wallace were. We believe they
were born in Washington Co., PA. and that they came from a Wallace
line in Virginia which may have married a Lockhart since that name
was used for John WallaceÕs sonÕs middle name. ( Rev. William Lockhart

Because of recent information from the ÒClan Baird Society,Ó we
believe the Lockhart name did not come from John WallaceÕs wifeÕs
Line. ( Eliza Baird, b. 1800, d. 1888, daughter of John and Rosanna
Hervey Baird). Any Help on this issue will be very much appreciated.

( We also have considerable information on our Baird Family Line
supplied from the Clan Baird genealogist which I am happy to share if
anyone is interested.)

I hope this information is helpful to some of you who are Searching:

Baird Wallace

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