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Subject: Re: [WVHAMPSH] Robert and John Craigen
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 19:25:29 -0500
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Thanks to both Messrs. McCawley and Funkhouser for your response.

The text in full that started my inquiry is:

Hubert Parry. Memoirs of Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.
Madison, WI: Northwestern Historical Association, 1904. 2 vols.
Vol I: p. 274-5

from the Contemporary Bio of Hubert Paxton Wiggins (1904) of Indiana

Mr. Wiggins is descended, on his mother's side, from theCRAIGENs of
one of whom, Robert CRAIGEN, fought in the battle of Culloden, March
16, 1746,
and the ancestral line is as follows: Adelaide M. CRAIGEN, born in
county, W. Va.,Dec. 23, 1843, married Coulter WIGGINS, Aug. 15, 1868;
Jacob I.
CRAIGEN, born in Hardy county, W. Va., May 10, 1807, was a slave
holder at the
opening of the Civil War, but espoused the federal side, experienced
thrilling adventures, and now resides on the old farm at the age of
Eliza Sein PARSONS, born at Washington, D.C. in 1811, married Jacob
April 3, 1833, and died Oct. 13, 1872; John CRAIGEN, born in
Winchester county,
Va., and died at the age of fifty-seven years; Mary LEE, native of
Hardy county,
W. Va., married John CRAIGEN and died in her eightieth year; Robert
in Scotland, emigrated to Maryland and finally located in Winchester
county, Va.;
Susanna PERRIN, native of Maryland, married Robert CRAIGEN; George LEE
and Keziah
BORGART, parents of Mary LEE, resided in Hardy county, W. Va.; Joseph
father of Eliza Sein PARSONS, born at Rye Beach, Mass., moved to
Washington, D.C.,
and was a trader and merchant; Elizabeth Betsy MONROE, a native
ofWashington, D.C.,
and the wife of Joseph PARSONS.

I found this posted on the Pennsylvania GenWeb, and the misspelling of
Lee instead of See is also found in the original text.

As many of you have learned, such commentaries contain information of
uncertain validity. Both of you have pointed out that Lee should be
See, which is also the way the name is spelled in ancestry.com's
rendering of the census. Hopefully that is the only mistake in that

Richard Perrin Day

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