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From: "Koren Fae Rawlings" <>
Subject: Re: Ft. Seybert Massacre
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 14:23:27 -0400

Dear Krisitne,

The following were known to have been killed at Ft. Seybert Massacre,
28 April 1758. Hanna Hinkle [burned in the fort], William Dyer [shot
outside the fort], the rest were tomahawked & scalped: Roger Dyer,
Jacob Seybert, Elizabeth Seybert [Jacob's wife], Hanna Lawrence
[Jacob's mother-in-law], and the Wallace boy. Other person's
possibly killed were Henry Hawse, Mr & Mrs. William Heavener, George
Mouse and John Blair. Two infants were killed later.

The names of the captives passed down to us are: James Dyer, Nicholas
Seybert, Henry Seybert, Margaret Seybert, Catherine Seybert, George
Seybert, Elizabeth Seybert, Elizabeth Mouse, a Heavener girl, Sarah
Hawse, Sarah Peterson, Mrs. Martha Drake Wood, Magdalene Wood,
Archibald Wood, Sarah Wood, Mary Mallow, Adam Mallow, four other
children belonging to Mary Mallow [time has erased their names] ,
Hanna Conrad, Josephus Conrad, and three other children belonging to
Hanna Conrad [unfortunately time has also erased their names].

During the confusion of the attack, the following apparently escaped:
Margaret Dyer, Margaret's sons John and Roger, Hanna Keister, Hanna's
two infant children James and Hannah, Hanna Hawse and a man by the
last name of Robertson.

Most of the men of the settlement, and some of the women, were away
across the mountain on business, so were spared. Maybe your Swadley
was among that group.

There is a gentleman in Riverton, Virgil Swadley, who may be able to
help you. His number is 304-567-2434. He and his wife are very
nice people to talk to, and are very much interested in genealogy.
If I learn more, I'll let you know.

Good luck on your research.

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>Do you see a child named Catherine Swadley on the list of captives.
She later
>married Jacob Hevener.

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