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From: John B Price <>
Subject: Re: Mr. Stockdill
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 09:29:48 -0500

Dear List,

This note from Richard White almost says it all, omitting to mention the
sentiments expressed by Magdalena G. in Portugal, for one, were totally
overlooked in the headlong rush to criticise an apparent ignorance of the
geography of the British Isles. And the more recent poignant advice
offered by Caroline Gaden of Australia will doubtless be treated in the
same manner.

Even the latest comment shows that the message hasn't sunk in. - "I
suppose we should be thankful that Ancestry only confused Rotherham with
Rotherhithe and not Rotterdam!!!" The cause and the effect are still
being mistaken.

Historically, any effort to nudge Mr. Stockdill into the realisation that
his criticisms could be more positive in effect if they were expressed in
a less accusative and antagonistic manner, has been in vain. I see no
evidence of remorse for the upsets caused by such thoughtless remarks,
just a lack of understanding, acknowledgement or apology for them.

Personally I am very weary of these outbursts, even the understandable
reactions from normal rational List members. I can only suggest that we
treat future derogatory comments with the contempt that they deserve,
while heeding the Listowner's advice (a) not to engage in such fruitless
public dialogue, (much as we may be tempted to do so) and (b) refrain
from responding to antagonistic mail for 24 hours.

May I offer the List a little reminder that was drummed in to me by Eric
Rimer, Physics teacher at Gateshead Grammar School in my rebellious youth
.... "Think before you ink !". It's not always easy, but I think that the
List will be better off for it.

With kind regards,

John B. Price
Metairie, Louisiana

On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 12:19:11 +0100 <> writes:
> Roy
> THAT may be where you have chosen to take the debate but, as I
> recall, the original posting (there are no archives yet available
> for
> October) was concerned about the effects of some badly written
> software. This has a consequence for the way locations are
> identified
> and ought to be unthinkable for a professional organisation. But I
> cannot for the life of me see that it has much to do with your oft
> expressed view that our American cousins are geographically
> challenged. BTW I have not yet seen any apology for your utterly
> crass and insensitive response to the events of 11 September.
> (Interestingly enough that's not yet in the archives either but I'm
> sure many here will remember it.)
> Richard White
> Tunbridge Wells Kent
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> Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2001 12:09 PM
> Subject: Re: Mr. Stockdill
> > OH, dear, yet again I seem to have to keep on explaining myself
> to
> > people who either cannot be bothered to read carefully WHAT I
> > ACTUALLY SAID, or who are determined to misinterpret my words
> anyway.
> >
> > The current debate is NOT about my responses to ordinary people
> > asking questions on a mailing list. It is about a huge
> genealogical
> > operator called Ancestry (as it happens, an American company, but
> I
> > would be making the same observations were they a British one)
> who
> > cannot apparently be bothered to ascertain whether they have got
> the
> > geography of the UK right and who are, therefore, selling false
> > information! These are supposedly professional, commercial people
> we
> > are talking about, not ordinary folks who may be excused for
> their
> > ignorance. In my book, people who are SELLING something cannot be
> > excused for getting it wrong when it is so patently easy to get it
> > right. There are maps and gazetteers that list virtually every
> place
> > in Britain. There are websites where the information can be
> found,
> > quickly and easily in moments. Cannot Ancestry be bothered to
> check
> > their facts, or are they treating their customers with contempt?
> >
> > I would have thought this was a matter which should concern us
> all
> as
> > genealogists and family historians, striving hard for accuracy in
> our
> > research and of whatever nationality, and I am frankly amazed
> that
> > you are not all on my side!
> >
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